Ford Co-Pilot 360 technology explained

Ford Co-Pilot 360 is a portfolio of driver assistance systems designed to make driving an electric or petrol Ford more comfortable.

ford Co-Pilot 360 is a portfolio of driver assistance systems designed to make driving an electric or petrol Ford more comfortable. Like the technologies offered by other automakers, Co-Pilot 360 prioritizes driver safety while enhancing their driving experience. Driver safety technology is one of the key features of today’s vehicles, where people strive to reduce the likelihood of collisions. Currently, most vehicles are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems that offer level 2 autonomy. However, drivers must continue to monitor the car while the system is active. Currently, only the Drive Pilot from Mercedes-Benz drivers can offer level 3 autonomy.


Drivers and authorities have put the safety of driver assistance systems to the test after reports of collisions during use. Tesla electric vehicles have been involved in numerous accidents, some of which claimed human life. A recent study showed that many drivers believe their semi-autonomous driving systems are capable of making critical road decisions on their own. This isn’t true, as automakers always announce that while drivers will experience partial autonomy, they shouldn’t doze off or focus on handheld devices. Unfortunately, not many people seem to be getting this message.

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Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 was designed for the modern driver who is always trying to navigate traffic without colliding with another road user. It’s available in 21 Ford models, including electric models – the Mustang Mach-E SUV and the F-150 Lightning pickup. However, features vary between models. Some include Active Park Assist 2.0, Auto High Beam, Blue Cruise and more. Blue Cruise is perhaps Co-Pilot 360’s most popular feature as it combines adaptive cruise control, lane centering and speed sign recognition to improve driver safety and experience. It’s also programmed to drive on select roads called hands-free zones. Another automaker offering something similar is General Motors with Super Cruise.

Co-Pilot technology features explained

Active Parking Assist 2.0 is programmed to make parking a Ford easy and safe, even in tight spaces. Once launched, it will find a comfortable position. At this moment, drivers step on the brakes and shift into neutral. After that, holding down the Active Park Assist button activates the system, which intelligently regulates the rest. Sometimes drivers forget to turn off their headlights after using them on dark roads. With automatic high beams, the Ford turns on the lights when it senses you’re approaching a poorly lit area. When it detects an oncoming vehicle, it turns off the lights to avoid dazzling other road users.

Also included in the Co-Pilot 360 package is a 180-degree front camera that helps drivers enter and exit tight spaces by capturing multiple angles at once. The collision warning with braking function warns ford owner as soon as it detects a likely collision. The alarm is a mixture of flashing red lights and an alarm. If the driver doesn’t act, the system will pre-load the brakes to give them a harder feel once the driver uses them.

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