Fox’s ‘Straight News’ reporter taunts Katie Hobbs after the network calls Arizona elections



The morning after his network called the Arizona governor’s race for Democrat Katie Hobbs, Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke appeared to cast doubt on the results while assuring viewers that MAGA nominee Kari Lake still have an outside chance to win.

At the same time, he repeatedly taunted Arizona’s presumptive next governor by barbing Hobbs while delivering a news report Tuesday morning.

Almost a week after polling closed, Hobbs was finally declared the winner in the contentious race Monday night after vote counts showed Lake would be unable to close the difference. Naturally, Lake, a fervent supporter of Donald Trump who made election denial a central theme of her campaign, called Hobbs’ victory “BS.” (As have Trump and other far-right figures.)

During the broadcast of Trump’s favorite morning show on Tuesday morning fox & friends, Corke was hired to provide a news piece on the results. And he began his report by dispensing a healthy dose of copium.

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“Well, the truth is something Yes, really If we want this Arizona gubernatorial race to be over, we can all move on,” Corke said of the election, which Fox predicted hours earlier. “But if that final tally is within half a percentage point, we might actually see a recount.”

The longtime Fox correspondent turned his attention to the governor-elect and then poked fun at Hobbs for refusing to debate Lake, suggesting that she kept a low profile and hid during the campaign.

“And that could happen, but for now all we know is that Katie Hobbs — who wouldn’t debate and even barely argue for some — still managed to have the floor game to win over a million votes,” he said in a mocking tone. “And apparently just enough to beat Kari Lake in the Grand Canyon state gubernatorial race.”

Corke added sardonically: “She took to Twitter to say this: ‘Democracy is worth the wait. Thank you Arizona I am so honored and so proud to be your next Governor.’ But if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you. If, of course, you think Kari Lake would agree, which apparently she doesn’t. She deftly tweeted, “Arizonans know BS when they see it. Well, there it is.”

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Although Corke is reportedly touted as part of Fox News’ so-called “straight news” division, he has never been shy about airing his political grievances on air or online.

In 2017, for example, the White House reporter deleted a series of tweets promoting alt-right conspiracy theories and far-right trolls after The Daily Beast inquired.

However, Corke’s reporting style found favor with the Trump administration – the ex-president shook Corke’s hand and personally thanked him for the “pampering”.[ing] pretty much me.”

Furthermore, a Fox News reporter who expresses skepticism about his own network’s projection of the Arizona election results is, of course, invoking flashbacks of the internal and external drama Fox was dealing with over its notoriously early (and accurate) call in 2020 Arizona faced.

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