Fremont dentist with the latest laser technology

Lisa M. Leonard Tribune Correspondent

Teel Family Dentistry will be changing its name in the coming weeks. It will be called Fremont Laser Dentistry.

dr Garrett Teel said his dental practice is the first and only in Fremont to use Convergent Dental’s state-of-the-art laser technology.

“This CO2 laser has almost completely replaced the traditional dental drill,” said Teel. “With this technology, I can now treat most routine cavities comfortably and painlessly without having to numb the tooth.”

These traditional procedures that may have frightened dental patients—needle sticks, the noise and vibration of the drill, and the ongoing numbness—are absent from laser dentistry.

“This laser is also able to treat snoring,” Teel added, “by non-invasively and painlessly tightening your soft palate to reduce or completely eliminate nighttime snoring.”

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Teel said this procedure can painlessly contour the gum line, eliminate cold spots, loosen tongue and lip ties with exceptional healing, and virtually eliminate post-operative discomfort for newborns.

“A tongue tie is when connective tissue under the tongue binds the tongue to the floor of the mouth, making it almost impossible for a baby to cling to mom or the bottle,” Teel said releases the tongue to allow suction down to the soft palate, making feeding much easier for the baby.”

This laser procedure is the most efficient and gentle way to detach a tongue compared to the traditional method of scissors and stitches, he said.

“Solea is a C02 dental laser that treats dental disease conservatively and in most cases without injection,” said Teel. “It’s fast, accurate, and comfortable.”

Solea is FDA approved and cuts through teeth, gums and bone. The doctor can perform most dental procedures without anesthesia or bleeding.

After laser treatment, the prepared surface is more likely to hold tooth-colored fillings while generating virtually no tooth aerosols.

However, Solea cannot remove plaque or tartar from teeth, he said. Therefore, patients must continue to schedule semi-annual cleanings.

“Laser treatment is particularly good for children,” Teel said. “Multiple procedures can be performed in one visit, reducing the need to schedule appointments.”

Solea is a non-ionizing laser and is safe for patients who are pregnant or have a pacemaker, he said. Old silver fillings can be removed with Solea with minimal loss of tooth structure.

Teel pointed out that dental insurance carriers do not specify whether covered procedures should be performed with a drill or with a laser.

“Solea Sleep is a simple, fast, and comfortable 5-minute laser treatment that provides quick relief for snorers,” said Teel. “This is a non-invasive, discomfort-free procedure.”

Born and raised in Lincoln, Teel attended Nebraska Wesleyan University, where he graduated top of his class with a biology degree. He competed in Division III track and field every four years and received All-American honors in his senior year. In 2021 he graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry.

“I grew up watching my grandfather, Dr. Bryan Melvin, who treated his dental patients,” Teel said, “and I share his treatment philosophy of Think Prevention. My goal is to cultivate this in my dental practice for you and your family by sharing my clinical findings and offering evidence-based treatment options that endure.”

Teel said his mission is to go beyond oral health to care for the whole patient and always strive to do more than God, his family and his community ask of him.

He and his wife Emma and their 5 month old daughter Tilly live in Fremont.

“I really enjoy meeting patients who are part of this community and the surrounding areas,” Teel said. “They are friendly and very easy to talk to. I appreciate living in a community that helps us raise our family.”

Teel Family Dentistry is located at 2953 N. Clarkson St. in Fremont.

“I was one of only two members of my senior class to enter private practice,” Teel said. “Towards the end of my dental school, family friends drew my attention to an opportunity in Fremont. You knew that dr. Wewel retired. It was a leap of faith, but it was the best decision of my life. Because of this, I have complete control over the trajectory of my career. It has allowed me to make my own investments in the way I want to practice dentistry.”

Teel expressed the joy he feels when he goes to work and is able to care for an anxious patient.

“It doesn’t even feel like work,” he said. “It’s amazing to see how their perception of the dentist changes when they learn first-hand what anesthesia/needle-free dentistry is all about.”

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