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Freshman Addison Mosley started her braiding business during her freshman year of high school and has now made it to the University of Indianapolis. She said she started this business to style hair and help those in need. She conducts her business in the common area of ​​Crowe Hall, Mosley said.

Mosley said because UIndy is a predominantly white institution, there is a lack of resources for minorities and people of color, so she wants to help and provide proper hair care for minorities visiting UIndy.

“I know doing your hair is hard,” Mosley said. “Sometimes you just have those days. Sometimes just making sure your hair is better can help your mental health, it can make you feel better.”

Mosley said she learned time management when she started this business. According to Mosley, doing someone’s hair can take up to eight hours, and if clients don’t time the time properly, both their time and the client’s could be wasted.

“I definitely learned time management. Time is definitely the key. If you don’t manage your hair time or plan things around it, you’ve wasted a whole day or you’re up until 4 a.m. doing someone’s hair,” Mosley said. “I’m in the process of learning how to talk and stand with people a little bit more[ing] setting my terrain and boundaries… so people respect me and I can respect them.”

Mosley said part of managing study time is that she is a student first and classwork is the priority, but she also makes time for friends. She said she is part of a Living and Learning Community, an on-campus learning experience that brings students together to help them become leaders, and she considers them her family. During the days or nights they spend time together and bond.

Freshman Addison Mosley braids Freshman Nursing Major Shakyla Archie’s hair. Mosley said she started the business to provide proper hair care to minorities who visit UIndy.
Photo by Kalenga Juma

Her appointments are on Tuesdays and Thursdays because those are her days off, Mosley said. In addition to braiding work, she assembles sewing work, wigs/splints, natural hairstyles and hairstyles with extensions. In the future, she wants to work towards silk presses, ponytails, and more consistent customers. She said she tries to keep her prices affordable and convenient, but prices vary, starting at $75.

Kayla Stephenson, a sophomore, med student and resident assistant, went to Mosley to get her hair done. She said Mosley is trying to do new things on campus and mentioned that she is a hairdresser.

“I felt like she was trustworthy and it was also more convenient because it would be easier for me to go to her because she’s right down the hall instead of having to walk away [of] somewhere on campus to get my hair done,” Stephenson said.

Stephenson said Mosley is efficient and finishes what she started. She said that when clients don’t like how their hair has turned out, Mosley has the client come back for her to fix.

Any student planning to start their own business, Mosley told them to promote themselves, talk about their work, and let their friends promote it. She said to get out there and not be afraid to talk to people, ask questions or say “I don’t know what to do”.

Stephenson said it’s a great thing for students to start their own businesses on campus. She said it can be difficult for students to balance their study load and a job at the same time.

“I support anyone who decides to start a business on campus … You can keep some money in your pocket because college can be expensive,” Stephenson said.


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