Gearbox Entertainment opens studio in Shanghai

The company behind the Borderlands series announces its expansion into Asia with the opening of a new studio, Gearbox Studio Shanghai.

Gear Entertainmentthe developer of the border areas Series, announced the opening of a new studio in Shanghai. This opening marks Gearbox’s first expansion into Asia and underscores the company’s desire to better serve the Chinese market.

Mainly known for his border areas series, Gearbox Entertainment released two spin-off games this year. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland received mostly positive reviews and offered a tabletop RPG experience narrated by border areas“Little Tina. The game hit the bestseller charts in several countries, exceeding the expectations of its publisher, Take-Two Interactive. That’s what Gearbox said Tiny Tina’s Wonderland was now a franchise and would get more games. The latest version of Gearbox Entertainment, New stories from the Borderlands, did not have the same success. The graphic adventure game received mixed reviews, but that doesn’t stop Gearbox from exploring new stories inspired by the border areas Universe.


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To open its first studio in Asia, Gearbox Entertainment acquired Eidos Shanghai, the company that worked on action-adventure games Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Shadow of the Tomb Raiderand Deus Ex: Humanity Divided among other games. The studio has been renamed Gearbox Studio Shanghai and will help the company with “hyperlocalized marketing efforts” in the Chinese market. Gearbox Studio Shanghai will also provide “immediate and meaningful support” for some of Gearbox’s games.

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Before joining Gearbox, Eidos Shanghai had been part of the Eidos Montreal network of studios since 2008, working on various games published by Square Enix. In August 2022, Embracer Group acquired several former Square Enix studios, including Eidos-Montreal. Embracer Group also owns Gearbox, which is now taking its first steps on the Asian continent by transforming Eidos Shanghai into Gearbox Studio Shanghai. The direction of the studio remains the same as former head of Eidos Shanghai Gigi Ning is now General Manager of Gearbox Studio Shanghai. The studio will work on future Gearbox projects and will report to Gearbox Publishing San Francisco.

With the opening of Gearbox Studios Shanghai, the company expressed a desire to expand its presence in the Chinese market. Gearbox can now rely on Eidos Shanghai’s experience to better engage with Chinese gamers and “work directly with local emerging development studios.” Gearbox has yet to announce the upcoming projects of its Shanghai studio. However, the company previously hinted at more games inspired by Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and stated that it was working on several AAA games. In addition to supporting the development of future games, Gearbox Studio Shanghai will support existing titles such as Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and New stories from the Borderlands for the Chinese market.

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