Georgia Football-Florida live updates, injury news, practice notes for week 9 game

The No. 1 in Georgia Football takes on the Florida Gators in a week 9 college football game. Below are live updates, the latest injury news and practice notes for the rivalry game.

Both teams were free last weekend. This will be the first time Kirby Smart and Billy Napier will face off. The two overlapped for three seasons in Alabama.

Georgia Football-Florida Live Updates, Practice Notes

11:30 am update: We’ll be hearing from Stetson Bennett and Chris Smith today. Head coach Kirby Smart will be meeting with reporters at noon.

Kirby Smart: Opening Speech

“As we make our way into Georgia, Florida, our boys have taken Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and are getting ready to go back to work today. It’s another exciting matchup with these guys in Jacksonville. I have great respect for Billy. I’ve known him for a long time. One of the smartest coaches I’ve ever encountered in terms of preparation and understanding of what it takes to lead a program, an organization. I think he’s doing a fabulous job. I know many people on his staff. Have a lot of respect for him. And as the son of a high school coach in this state, we grew up very similarly. So moving on to the Gators and we started that last week at the end of the week. And I’m looking forward to a good week of training.”

About working with Billy Napier in Alabama…

“Like I said, he’s very thorough. He is an extremely hard worker. Great husband and father. He is a good leader of men. And I knew when he first came to Alabama, I don’t know what year it was, but whatever year he got there, he was going to be really good because he was on the details respected. He took lots of notes. He was just very smart. They knew he was there to learn. And I think he used the time he spent there to look at football from a different perspective, maybe than he used to. And he was really successful at ULL. Which is a great school, great location, lots of good football players. But they won a lot of football games with him there.”

On injury updates from bye week…

“Smael was able to train towards the end of the week and did a good job. I really didn’t see him yesterday for anything. This is how Smael looked good at the end of last week. As I said last week, Jalen and AD didn’t really practice with us. i try to come back We’re hoping to get these guys back, but we still don’t know. And Kendall was able to practice non-contact – I’m guessing it was Thursday, the last practice we had. So we assume that he can go today.”

On Offensive Improvements During Bye Week…

“Just situational football. I mean the things you work on in the week off are Opponent #1. #2, lots of work. Probably 90 percent of our work was good versus good; situational football, third down, two minutes, red area, second and ten, third down, team run. I mean, there isn’t an area in three exercises that we haven’t worked on.”

On AD Mitchell and Jalen Carter injuries…

“AD is a high ankle sprain. And high ankle sprains, if you talk to everyone in the NFL and college football, it’s difficult to get an accurate measurement. The first thing you look for is if they need to do the repair? They walk the tightrope and do things like Arian. His wasn’t that kind of injury. But it lasts. It’s a pain in the butt. So he’s fighting to come back and do whatever we ask. Regarding Jalen, it’s the knee at the moment. It’s the MCL. But the degree of it, the severity of it, depends only on the condition, how fast he can come back. He’s working to come back and we’re hoping to get them both back.”

  • Our boys took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. I have a lot of respect for Billy. I’ve known him for a long time. We grew up very similar.” — Smart on Billy Napier.
  • “He’s very thorough. A great leader of men. A lot of attention to detail given. He was very smart. He made good use of his time there.” — Smart on Billy Napier.
  • “He was a really good candidate in high school. He played wherever we needed him. He’s one of those versatile DBs who can do it all. He’s an instinctive footballer. He didn’t have immediate success. He’s worked his way up to being a good footballer.” — Smart on Chris Smith.
  • “AD is a really good wide angle. He has a great twitch. I think he’s a dynamic receiver. He’s got toughness, he’s got speed. – Smart on AD Mitchell.
  • “He’s grown a lot. He’s gotten a lot better this season. The hardest part is how you come across to him. Some of the runs he’s had are better than (running) backs.” — Smart on Anthony Richardson.
  • “Brenton is probably the most disruptive guy in terms of the guys we’ve played against. He’s a game breaker at that.” — Smart on Brenton Cox.
  • “Our focus was on the next opponent. I just don’t care.” — Smart on Oregon and South Carolina’s success.
  • “We can say there’s a ticket at the gate and enjoy the game. We’ll do that.” – Smart at recruiting in Florida.
  • “I feel like tight ends have become some of the best athletes on the field over the last few years. They have a tremendous athletic advantage.” — Chris Smith on tight ends.
  • “I like playing in Jacksonville, but I’d like to see the game be a home game. I’ve never had the opportunity to play in Florida’s stadium.” — Chris Smith on the Georgia-Florida rivalry.
  • “Being from Georgia and being a Georgian player, I know how important this rivalry is.”
  • “It’s a physical specimen. We have to put together a good game plan against him. I was lucky enough to face him last year and we have to be ready to face him.” Smith on Anthony Richardson.
  • “It’s a business trip.”
  • “For me it was a bit closer to home. It seemed like there were more Florida fans, so there was more household rivalry.” — Bennett on what the game means in South Georgia.
  • “They can throw records out the window more than any other opponent on our schedule.”
  • “I loved him when he was in Louisiana.” — Bennett on Florida coach Billy Napier
  • “It makes me love the guy. This is my teammate. Ride or die. He is our leader. He says things, people listen. I think he brings a lightness to the team.” — Stetson Bennett on Nolan Smith.
  • “He’s one of the best receivers in the country, if not the best. We missed him. I hope to get him back.” — Stetson Bennett on AD Mitchell.
  • “He gets us going” — Bennett on the mid-term speeches.
  • “I just had a good and quick relationship with him there. It was a tough phone call, but I’m sure he had to have that same tough phone call when he got the job in Florida.” Bennett on Billy Napier.
  • “The grass is always greener. It would be cool to play in Gainesville. It’s hard to say. I don’t know what that would mean for Jacksonville. How permanent I don’t know.”
  • “I thought I broke my collarbone in half.” – Bennett on the injury he sustained against Florida in 2020.

The world’s largest outdoor cocktail party continues in Jacksonville, Fla. as the Georgia Bulldogs go 7-0 down the Florida Gators 4-3.

The Bulldogs enter the game with the No. 1 ranking and a massive game against Tennessee on the horizon. Florida, meanwhile, lost its last game 45-35 to LSU. Georgia opened as a 22.5-point favorite over the Gators, the widest spread in recent history between these two bitter rivals.

But speaking to reporters during the week off, Smart made it very clear how his team will view the game against the Gators.

“This is the matchup between Georgia and Florida,” Smart said. “I don’t think you need to worry about that. I could understand if it was non-conference or FCS opponent, but that won’t be the case in Florida.

Georgia is 4-2 against the Gators under Smart, with the Bulldogs winning 34-7 when those two teams met last season.

The Bulldogs used the off week to improve, improving some of the areas where the team was struggling. One of those is the pass rush, as Georgia currently sits last in the sacks. The Bulldogs will have a big task on Saturday as they try to lock down Anthony Richardson. He’s one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the country, leading a powerful rushing attack in Florida.

“Look at what you did well and what you did badly, and how we can do better,” Smart said. “We sit down as coaches and say, ‘Okay, what do we have to do to win the next five games, six games?’ We’re targeting that area and really focusing on our weaknesses and trying to build on our strengths.”


Georgia Football Injury Report for Florida Game

  • Andrew Paul (knee, out)
  • CJ Washington (neck, out)
  • Jalen Carter (knee, questionable)
  • AD Mitchell (ankle, questionable)
  • Kendall Milton (groin, questionable)
  • Trezmen Marshall (knee, probably)
  • Smael Mondon (ankle, probably)
  • Ladd McConkey (toe, probably)

Georgia Football Florida Season

The Georgia Football-Florida game is scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Georgia Football-Florida TV Station

The Georgia Football vs. Florida game will be broadcast on CBS.

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