Global energy trader Mercuria is investing in Natron Energy’s sodium-ion battery technology

SANTA CLARA, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mercuria, one of the world’s largest independent energy and resource groups, today announced an investment in Natron Energy, the world’s leading manufacturer of sodium-ion batteries. The investment will advance Natron’s development of sodium-ion battery technology as an energy storage solution for global energy markets.

Natron plans to use the funds to accelerate production of its sodium-ion batteries, fueling Mercuria’s continued investments in the energy transition. Natron’s Prussian Blue Sodium Ion technology offers higher power density, longer life and superior safety properties that make it uniquely suited for energy market applications. Natron’s sodium-ion battery supply chain does not require lithium, cobalt, copper, nickel or other hard-to-source minerals.

“We are excited about our investment in soda to power carbon reduction initiatives,” said Jean-François Steels, Mercuria’s vice president of energy transition. “We look forward to working with the Natron team and stakeholders to advance the mass production of sodium-ion batteries, which are a necessary storage solution for the energy transition.”

Colin Wessells, Co-Founder and CEO of Natron, said: “Mercuria’s investment strengthens Natron’s expansion into the oil & gas and alternative energy markets and fuels carbon reduction initiatives in oilfields and elsewhere. This is the third such investment in Natron in the past four months, consistent with market enthusiasm for our technology. Mercuria’s investment will accelerate our plans for the world’s first mass production of sodium-ion batteries.”

The Mercuria investment follows similar investments in soda by Liberty Energy, Inc. and Nabors Industries Ltd. Beginning of the year.

About Mercury

Founded in 2004, the Mercuria Group is one of the largest independent energy and resource groups in the world, bringing efficiency to the resource value chain with technology, expertise and solutions. Mercuria’s business includes trade flows, strategic assets and structuring activities, generating more than $120 billion in revenue. The company has built on a series of strategic acquisitions, including the physical commodities trading unit of JPMorgan Chase & Company, the US gas and power business of Noble Group and the Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, which was reorganized into Minerva Bunkering. It has become one of the most active players in the renewable energy markets, with more than fifty percent of new investments dedicated to the energy transition.

About Natron Energy

Natron Energy manufactures sodium-ion battery products based on a unique Prussian Blue electrode chemistry for a variety of industrial energy applications ranging from critical backup power systems to EV fast charging and behind-the-meter applications. Natron’s mission is to transform the industrial and grid-connected energy storage markets by offering customers cheaper, longer-lasting, more efficient and safer batteries. Natron’s products are UL 1973 listed, offer higher power density, faster recharge and a significantly longer service life than established technologies. Natron builds its batteries using standard materials on existing cell assembly lines in Michigan, USA. Learn more about Natron and its sodium ion technology at


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