GOP supporters have no interest in solving problems and want people to be “angry”.

  • Former President Obama said Republicans are uninterested in addressing issues that affect real people.
  • “Own the freedoms and get the approval of Donald Trump. That’s their agenda,” he said on Saturday.
  • Obama made these comments while addressing Gov. Tony Evers and Lt. gov. Visited Mandela Barnes in Milwaukee.

Former President Barack Obama slammed Republicans on Saturday for their disinterest in solving actual problems and accused them of being “more interested in making you angry.”

During his campaign in Milwaukee for Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and Democratic Senate nominee Mandela Barnes, Obama was quick to summarize what he believes are the GOP’s top concerns.

“Own the freedoms and get the approval of Donald Trump. That’s their agenda,” Obama said of the party to rally-goers.

“They are not interested in solving problems. They are interested in making you angry and then finding someone to blame. And they hope that will distract you from the fact that they don’t have any answers of their own,” he said.

The former president’s message echoed that of President Joe Biden, who has dealt with near-unanimous GOP opposition to his legislative agenda since taking office.

Biden has also called on House Republicans to threaten to use debt ceiling negotiations to enact spending cuts — which could potentially include Medicare and Social Security — if the party regains a majority in the lower house in November.

During the rally, Obama called out Barnes’ opponent — two-time GOP Senator Ron Johnson — and accused the rep of losing touch with Wisconsin working-class concerns.

And the former president argued why the Biden administration continues to fight for the needs of ordinary people, arguing that Republicans are not articulating a real vision for governing.

“When gas prices go up, when food prices go up, it takes something off people’s paychecks. This hurts,” Obama told the crowd. “But the question to ask yourself is, ‘Who’s going to do anything about it?’ Republicans are having a big day running ads talking about it, but what’s their actual solution to it?”

“I’ll tell you: They want to hollow out Social Security, then Medicare, and then give the rich even more tax breaks. And the reason I know that’s their agenda is, listen, that’s their answer to everything,” he said.


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