Grow your business like you build your body, says Jonathan Fogelberg

Health is often seen as parallel to activities of daily living, such as B. Work and lifestyle commitments. Now business has joined this group as a new wave of flexible startups has been ushered in in recent years. Jonathan Fogelberg saw the similarities in his passion and entrepreneurial ambition and built a start-up company focused on physical fitness.

For the few who value fitness as a business and lifestyle, their shared values ​​and truths contribute to success; The same principles that lead to a growing body can also grow a business.

For example, they require a deep, unwavering commitment to your goals in order to achieve them. Fogelberg, who launches a fitness program called the 90 Days Challenge, has shared how the will to beat the competition can help you build a new business.

Dedicate yourself to discipline

“You only get out what you put in” is a lesson that many of the next generation are preaching. This is equally true in business, where work generates leads, and in fitness, where hours in the gym lead to a better body. Staying true to your plan can be critical to fitness and business success.

“You can apply the discipline that fitness teaches us to your business,” explains Fogelberg. “You may not want to answer the last call, follow up, or reach out to new customers, but this is essential to growing your business. Likewise, to get in shape for a bodybuilding show, you have to stick to your plan.”

For fitness enthusiasts, this plan may involve adhering to specific dietary requirements or incorporating a specific number of hours of cardio on specific days of the week. The discipline of a rigorous fitness regimen can encourage the same success for your startup business as well. Think about sleep routines, practice gratitude, and build your personal brand.

Overcome start-up hurdles

An initial business plan or fitness program may work in practice, but the realities of life can quickly throw off the best plans of any entrepreneur or athlete. Seasoned business people will understand that how you overcome problems determines results. They may not realize that the fitness world is a microcosm of a startup’s journey.

“When you’re bodybuilding, if you’re consuming more calories than you should, the only way to burn them off is to either eat less the next day or increase your cardio,” Fogelberg said. “When you fail in business it may take a little longer to rectify it, but you know you have to make up for it in order to move forward. Beginners in both worlds are more prone to hiccups than high-level competitors or leaders, so it’s important to recognize them and learn from them.”

Stay motivated for business success

Clear goals and the will to succeed determine above all how things go when someone registers their company or goes to the gym for the first time. Competitive athletes are the most illustrative example, as their careers are defined by target times, distances, and weight measurements. Likewise, entrepreneurs are motivated by conversion rates or profit margins, which provide a crucial sense of reward when improved.

“When it comes to performance, the business is just like bodybuilding,” outlined Fogelberg. “You set yourself a goal, like reaching a certain weight or turnover. Once you reach your goal as a startup business or bodybuilder, you’re not going to stop and go back. People who are that motivated are going to want to add that extra 15 pounds or make that extra million.”

Perhaps the most striking similarity between those who aspire to start a successful business and those who crave success in physical fitness is their mindset. What both illustrate is the need to get better and outperform the competition. Inspiration might come from seeing a hot start-up collecting press, like watching a veteran athlete take the stage at a bodybuilding fair.

Aimee Tariq is passionate about empowering professionals to live their best life by eliminating toxic triggers and maximizing energy, focus and productivity. At 23, she became the #1 bestselling author on health optimization.


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