HITEC and Illinois Tech work to empower the next generation of Hispanic technology leaders

The Hispanic technology Executive Council (HITEC) and Illinois Institute of Technology work together on ways to accelerate representation in technology

CHICAGO, November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Spaniard technology board and Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) are working to accelerate the representation of Hispanic technology leaders by highlighting educational opportunities and scholarships that sit at the intersection of technology and business.

HITEC Foundation Scholars and HITEC Corporate Emerging Executive Program graduates who are ready to pursue a Masters of Business Administration or Masters of Science degree from the STEM-focused Illinois Tech Stuart School of Business in Fall 2023 will be considered for prestigious scholarships from a drawn pool of up to 2 million dollars, alongside prospective students at the Stuart School of Business. Stuart School of Business programs offer flexible, fully online, hybrid and in-person modalities for learners.

This initiative is aimed at the intersection of Illinois Tech and HITEC’s mission to empower students and emerging technology leaders by developing a path to achieve their ambitions through access to education, lifelong learning opportunities, scholarships and mentoring.

HITEC’s vision is to accelerate the power and influence of Hispanic technology leaders to achieve enduring justice from the classroom to the boardroom.

“We are committed to creating new programs that support the growth of Hispanic tech talent. I look forward to working with you Illinois Tech to advance the representation of Hispanic technology leaders in America’s businesses and beyond,” said Guillermo Diaz Jr., Chairman of HITEC. “Our mission is to connect, inspire and nurture influential Hispanic technology leaders while empowering the next generation of leaders develop.”

Central to Illinois Tech The future is a new path to excellence driven by four principles: First, strengthening the university’s role as an engine of opportunity and national leadership in economic mobility; second, the pursuit of growth through redesigning education to serve learners at all stages of life; third, fostering future innovation through student empowerment; and fourth, demonstrating purposeful citizenship in the service of Chicagoand the world.

Illinois Tech is recognized as a national leader in the return on investment in education for students – in increasing the income of its graduates in early, middle and lifelong careers through experiential learning and by fostering career success; The Stuart School of Business offers students a unique entry point to STEM education, blending business and technology as the ultimate combination for career advancement,” said Liad Wagman, John and Mae Calamos Dean the Stuart School of Business.

“We warmly welcome HITEC Illinois Tech and look forward to advancing our collective mission by enabling access to the education, skills and community needed to advance scientific and technological advances and thrive in the digital age on a global scale,” said Illinois Tech President , Raj Echambadi.

The vision of the HITEC Foundation is to be a transformative leader that connects emerging Hispanics with the increasingly important digital skills of the new economy.

“During my trip as Illinois Tech As a student, I received an academic scholarship to complete my master’s degree, which paved the way for me to enter the tech industry,” he says Patricia Rios, board member of the HITEC Foundation. “I am passionate about helping our Hispanic youth and students from underserved communities achieve their dreams. Illinois Tech’s collaboration with HITEC to improve access to innovative education will have a lasting impact on generations to come.”

Applications are open December 14, 2022. Please contact Kelly Francis for more information below [email protected]


HITEC is a global leadership organization composed of senior leaders in technology and business. HITEC works to empower Hispanic technology professionals to accelerate their leadership capacity through access to a network of business leaders and decision-makers at the highest levels of the global economy.

Illinois Institute of Technology

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