holoride’s state-of-the-art in-car entertainment platform launches for selected Audi models

MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–holoride, the pioneer of in-car extended reality entertainment, today announced the release of its groundbreaking platform in Germany. The add-on package, which will be available for selected Audi vehicles* in mid-November, combines a high-end VR room with a moving car for an experience that is second to none. Passengers are drawn into a variety of games and apps, all using live driving information to bring content to life in a whole new media paradigm dubbed “Elastic Content”.

Combining the immersive qualities of virtual reality with real-time vehicle data, Holoride is an always-moving virtual space, or motorverse, where drivers can enjoy interactive and passive content that reacts to both them and the car’s movement.

“Despite amazing advances in automotive technology over the past few decades, the passenger experience and in-car entertainment have remained largely the same,” said Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride. “With the launch of Holoride, we’re not just improving this outdated experience; We’re redefining how you spend your time on the go. I couldn’t be more excited that drivers will finally be able to enjoy the thrill of the Motorverse for themselves.”

The integration of holoride in Audi select production vehicles is a continuation of holoride’s shared history with the German premium automobile manufacturer. Since 2019, both Audi and holoride have showcased their ongoing partnership on various occasions including CES 2019, IAA Mobility 2021 and SXSW 2022 where holoride’s vehicle integration with Audi was officially announced.

“By integrating Holoride into our models, we are redefining in-car entertainment,” says Giorgio Delucchi, Head of Digital Experience/Business at Audi. “By combining real-time vehicle data and virtual content, we are creating a completely new customer experience. A crucial cornerstone of the digitization of the vehicle is the development of the interior into a third living space. Living and working merge in this very personal space. holoride is another proof point in our roadmap.”

At launch, Holoride users can dive in Cloudbreakers: Leave Haven by Schell Games, the studio that brought Between us to VR. It was produced in partnership with Superconductor, the creative agency founded by Hollywood talents Justin Lin (Fast & Furious franchise) and Anthony and Joe Russo (Marvel Cinematic Universe and Netflix’s). The gray man). The Russo Brothers also acted as creative advisors to holoride.

Working under the Force Multiplier Studios banner, writers Brent Friedman and Jeremy Breslau developed and wrote cloudbreaker‘ unique story and universe. Using holoride’s Elastic Content, the Hollywood veterans crafted a journey in which players guide Dev, his scavenger robot Skyjack, and IONE through the hostile skies of Stratus, collecting junk and blasting AI sentinels while simultaneously reaching their destination travel in the real world.

Holoride not only brings new thrills to passengers’ rides, but also can create a more comfortable experience for users. Incidents of motion sickness are significantly reduced thanks to the technology’s use of steering, braking and acceleration data to match what drivers are seeing in the headset with what they are feeling outside of the Motorverse, with almost no latency.

holoride launches with the aptly named Pioneers’ Pack, which includes everything needed to get started on this exciting new platform (excluding the car) and is priced at EUR 699. The package will be available in Germany from November 2, 2022 at shop.holoride.com.

The Pioneer Pack includes:

  • HTC VIVE Flow: lightweight and easy-to-wear VR glasses supporting holoride entertainment service
  • 8BitDo Pro 2 Gamepad: offers a familiar user experience in a classic controller design
  • seat belt: Connected to the seat belt, the belt provides safety in the event of unexpected occurrences while driving
  • A one-year subscription to the holoride platform

After the first year, holoride subscriptions are available for a monthly (EUR 19.99/month) or yearly fee (equivalent to EUR 14.99 per month). Both provide access to an ever-growing catalog of content. Cloudbreakers: Leave Haven leads a launch line of games and edutainment apps that will grow over time with regular updates. In addition, the Holoride browser and a powerful phone mirroring feature bring your online life to a 180-inch virtual screen. Embedded in a motion-synchronized environment, it allows riders to stream their favorite shows and stay connected through their social apps.

To enjoy the Holoride experience, passengers need the Pioneers’ Pack and a Holoride-enabled Audi vehicle (e.g. Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, Q7, Q8, Audi e- tron, Audi e-tron Sportback, Audi e-tron GT*). Starting with Germany, holoride will add more markets starting with the US in early 2023, followed by more European and Asian markets throughout the year.


*Prerequisites for using holoride in Audi vehicles: MIB 3 with current software cluster (from model year 2023) and the “Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment” option. In addition, the EFP control unit must be present and the “Remote Park Assist Plus” option must not be selected.

About Holorid

holoride is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of in-vehicle entertainment with its innovative Elastic Content. Founded in 2018 by Nils Wollny, Marcus Kuehne, Daniel Profendiner and Audi, holoride combines real-time Extended Reality (XR) content with motion and location-based vehicle data such as physical feedback and navigation to create hyper-immersive XR content and passenger experiences.

With holoride, the Metaverse becomes the Motorverse as users take the power and potential of an immersive Web3 experience to the streets. The focus is on RIDE, holoride’s proprietary cryptocurrency, designed to supercharge the content ecosystem, drive engagement and create value for all users. The RIDE token connects automakers, content creators, brands and passengers for a new vehicle economy.

In March 2021, holoride won the SXSW Pitch in the category “Gaming, Entertainment, and Content” and received the prestigious “Best in Show” award of the competition. The company was also named “Best of CES 2019” by TechCrunch, CNET, and Tom’s Guide, and named one of the “100 Best Inventions of 2019” by TIME Magazine, as well as one of the “100 Most Consumer-Centric Companies of 2022” by Forbes.

Visit https://www.holoride.com/ for more information.

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Here you will find the press kit for the market launch.


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