Horned Frogs in the News: Election Issue

Several TCU faculty experts were featured in the news during the heated midterm election. Emily FarrisAssociate Professor of Political Science; Guy GolanAssociate Professor of Strategic Communications; Joanne Connor Green, political science professor; and James RiddlespergerPolitical science professor, have been featured by numerous outlets, by United States today to Spectrum News and numerous local media.

As North Texas urban centers grow, the GOP’s advantage shrinks, midterm elections show
November 11, 2022
The Jago times
Tarrant County, another GOP-dominated region that has seen a rising number of Democratic votes, increased support for Democrats by 3.04 percentage points. “We should in no way be under the illusion that the Democrats are about to take over,” he said riddle saver. “At the same time, electoral coalitions are dynamic and we see that the competitiveness of the two political parties in this area is becoming increasingly clear.”

Abortion helped US Democrats stave off a “red wave.” Not in Texas.
November 9, 2022
Texas Grandstand
In a crucial first election following the complete reversal of abortion access in the United States, things looked about the same in Texas as ever. Republicans swept easily to victory across the state, backing the legislature’s dominant anti-abortion bloc, and at least three other cities passed local ordinances further banning the procedure. “We don’t have elections in neutrally drawn counties, which would necessarily reflect neutral politics,” he said Green. “These are freshly drawn partisan districts designed to mitigate some of these trends.”

What Happened in the Texas Election: A Breakdown of Major Races and Why Neither Party Is Satisfied
November 9, 2022
The Democrats have not won a state office in Texas for 28 years. In 2022, Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. gov. Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton by a nearly identical margin. “I thought maybe one was a little closer than the other, but it turns out that didn’t matter at all.” riddle saver said. “While the Democrats can’t take heart from what happened yesterday, I think they can take the message of ‘Golly, we’re getting closer,'” he said. “I think it’s wishful thinking that the Democrats could even be competitive in Texas this year.”

Republicans still rule in Tarrant County
November 9, 2022
Fort Worth Business Press
At the Tarrant County marquee races, Republican Tim O’Hare defeated Democrat Deborah Peoples in the district judge’s contest, and Republican Phil Sorrells defeated Democrat Tiffany D. Burks to become the next district attorney. “I can’t think of a single example of any surprises in the outcome of the Tarrant County or Texas election.” riddle saver said.

Tarrant County’s turnout is higher than the rest of Texas. Will the county remain competitive for both parties?
November 9, 2022
Fort Worth Report
Turnout was higher in Tarrant County than the rest of the state during Tuesday’s midterm elections. However, it was lower than 2018 when it hit a decade high. In 2018, 56% of registered voters in Tarrant County cast their ballots. “Turnout in 2018 was an anomaly, possibly triggered by increasing polarization after Donald Trump’s election in 2016.” riddle saver said. “Maybe it’s the polarization and the perception that there’s a lot at stake in these elections — maybe more than we used to.”

O’Hare’s victory in the Tarrant County judges’ race leads to a more partisan commissioners court. What does this mean for county politics?
November 9, 2022
Fort Worth Report
Tarrant County voters are sticking with the Republicans and have tapped Tim O’Hare to lead the next era of conservative leadership in the county. “When O’Hare is sworn in as a district judge in January, his priorities will likely take a different form.” riddle saver said. “The politics of getting elected, of course, is to rally people to support you or rally people to oppose your opponent. The hope is that you get more votes than your opponent because that’s how we define success and choice. But governing is a whole different thing, and especially in the district judge it’s a diverse thing.”

Alisa Simmons holds the Tarrant County Commissioner’s seat with victory in Precinct 2 blue
November 9, 2022
Fort Worth Report
This year’s turnout in Texas was lower than in the previous two election cycles. riddle saver said this reality makes outcomes even more difficult to predict, particularly in lower-profile trials. “The election four years ago was very close, which motivated people to vote,” Riddlesperger said said. “(With) turnout significantly lower this year than four years ago, predicting who will win also has to do with a very different voter base than four years ago.”

The recipe for a strong and accurate survey
November 8, 2022
Spectrum News 1 Central NY
Throughout the election season, news organizations and campaigners will tout polls as a snapshot of a political race. In the end, only the votes cast on election day count. But what makes a strong and accurate survey? Golan states that a good sample leads to a more accurate result. He said polls could help sway undecided voters in a close election and potentially tilt the election in their favor, arguing that undecided voters typically want to support a winning candidate.

Do you think Tarrant County is Republican now? Just wait for O’Hare and Sorrells to take over
November 8, 2022
Fort Worth Star Telegram
New commissioners could make the districts more Republican. In the words of riddle saver, who has analyzed Texas politics for 40 years: “The entire atmosphere for decision-making in the Commissioner’s Court will change. “The rhetoric of running for local office yourself seems to be delving into national partisan talking points these days… But, and this is especially true of local politics, governing is about bringing people together,” he added.

Election day is here. How might Tarrant County politics change after the Midterms?
November 7, 2022
Fort Worth Report
Voters are deciding whether Tarrant County is a political battleground, as political observers have described it, or whether it remains the most populous Republican county in Texas. The heated back-and-forth between the candidates for district judge and district attorney’s office is evident Green how national politics has crept into more local offices. “We’ve been spared some of that (polarization) here because some of the elections aren’t really as competitive as we’ve seen in other places,” Green said. “But it may reflect broader trends of polarization that we’re seeing in American politics.”

Hundreds of US sheriffs are up for election. What are your political views?
November 3, 2022
United States today
For the past decade, debates about police brutality, mass incarceration, and other criminal justice issues in general have focused on police chiefs and prosecutors. To make sense of this mix of policing and politics, The Marshall Project — a nonprofit news organization that reports on the U.S. criminal justice system — conducted an exclusive, wide-ranging survey of two of America’s leading sheriff’s experts, including Farris.

Last campaign displays in the governor’s race are more personal
November 3, 2022
Spectrum News
All eyes are on the Texas gubernatorial race. It has become the costliest gubernatorial race in Texas history. Both incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott and his Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke, are passionate fundraisers. “You’re only going to bang out the negativity and the threat and the concern that if you don’t vote – if you don’t come out and vote for the right candidate, there will be real repercussions for your family. ”
Golan said.

Did you sing the blues?
November 2, 2022
Fort Worth, Texas Magazine
As the 2022 Texas governor’s race draws near, Beto O’Rourke has placed a focus on Tarrant County and has appeared here on multiple occasions for campaign opportunities. “Tarrant County and Fort Worth is the only urban area in the country that is not Democratically dominant. As a result, people are very concentrated here because it’s the largest ‘in-play’ county in the nation.” riddle saver said. “A lot will be decided [the election] are straight party ticket voters.”


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