How Celonis technology leverages AI and digital twins

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In Episode 73 of the AI ​​Impact Minute, Aaron Back explains how Celosphere 2022 highlighted digital twins and the power of AI.

This AI Impact Minute is sponsored by Celonis, the leader in Process Mining and Execution Management. Join the world’s top 2,000 process fanatics and learn how to fix process inefficiencies at Celosphere, the company’s annual conference taking place on November 9thth and 10th in Munich, Germany. Sign up here to watch the free Celosphere 2022 virtual live stream.


00:54 — Often associated with Web3.0 and the Metaverse, a digital twin relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to power it. The concept of the digital twin has burst through the scene in recent years, partly due to the pandemic. Businesses can now collaborate and communicate using a digital twin.

02:00 — Digital twins can be used to effect change in real-time as they collect data and feed it into an ML model, which can generate next steps that align with a company’s processes or generate new ideas that are reflected in the process must be integrated.

02:42 — At Celosphere 2022, Accenture’s Jan Van Den Bremen, European Lead – Enterprise and Industry Technology, and Merck’s Head of CFO Digital Strategy and Realization, Mario Pellegrino, spoke about Merck’s development using Celonis technologies in partnership with Accenture. Pellegrino acknowledged that Merck was new to using the Celonis solution to develop its Promise program.

03:26 — Merck’s Promise program is designed to deliver on its value proposition. Merck uses Celonis technologies to envision how it can drive scalability to reach $25 billion in sales by 2025 and dive deeper into the processes of everyday work.

03:56 — Pellegrino emphasized his excitement for the future of Merck, which is starting to use digital twins. Merck uses digital twins to connect the conventional world with the agile world – in the business context of scalability. Merck aims to achieve this with Celonis’ task mining and process sphere solutions.

04:38 — The backbone for Merck’s development is AI as it leverages Celonis’ intelligent framework embedded in its execution processes – the intelligence is powered by Celonis’ AI engine.

06:20 — AI’s capabilities are increasing rapidly – what was once the standard for artificial intelligence is no longer the standard. Companies that want to be competitive quickly must consider how AI is used in business solutions and what untapped potential there is. These ideas will transform data output and data interaction between digital twins, which may “unleash the art of the possible.”

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Acceleration Economy AI impact


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