How technology is redefining customer dynamics

A satisfied customer is not a myth. But as a business, you have to earn that loyalty from your customers.

Customers have always been the center of every business as it should be, while technology is the axis of its change and progress. New technologies have always given consumers greater leverage. Although the digital transformation was already underway before the pandemic, the outbreak accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years – both in the creation of digitally enhanced offers and in customer acceptance. Similarly, it impacted customers’ needs and resulted in a 100 percent shift to instant offerings with a digital solution. This has drastically changed the fundamentals of the current lineup of customers. Customers today pay special attention and attach much more importance to their experience of the business than they used to. Their different purchasing patterns and habits are likely to affect how companies communicate with them. A successful business requires careful management of its customer relationships. As customers become more tech-savvy, businesses need to acknowledge, if not already, the impact these technological advances have on the customer experience and embrace them. Adapting to this rapid development is the only way to move forward. Businesses need to deconstruct and rebuild their strategies to help them fully understand their customers’ needs, habits, preferences, and experiences.

Pillars of business success

A healthy customer relationship equals a successful business. The three pillars to take care of to build that priceless intimate customer relationship are – customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention. All of this is interconnected. A strong relationship instills confidence in the minds of customers and helps achieve satisfaction and loyalty. Plus, it’s always easy to keep a loyal customer. The early adopters always have an advantage over the others. The fierce competition that every business faces today has upset the supply-demand balance and put the ball in the customer’s side. Technology not only liberates, but also facilitates the entire process of strategy development and helps transform the business dynamic between customers and business owners. The rise of technology has given immense opportunities to every field to manage its work efficiently. Especially considering how times have changed post Covid-19. Technology has brought customers closer to businesses. Customer understanding is the key to success; Therefore, it is necessary for every business to really grow and be successful in the long term.

We’ve already seen a major shift towards digital platforms that help improve customer experience and communication. With these technology-enabled platforms in the picture, it has become a comparatively easier process for businesses. As more businesses collect consumer data, they can securely collect, store, analyze, and access real-time data and insights. This data can help companies better position themselves as a brand and improve their user experience with an intuitive user interface, on-demand service, personalized offers and experiences. Not only that, but also in terms of important business decisions. These platforms can also help in making important data-driven business decisions like launching a new product, investing in marketing, purchasing products, etc.

With today’s fast-moving customer demands and higher expectations, the critical data points can help businesses by giving them valuable insights into their customers’ behaviors, preferences and purchasing behavior. You can use these data points to curate more efficient, effective, and personalized marketing strategies. The integration of technology into business processes has created many such opportunities that can help companies become highly connected and build complex customer relationships. In addition, many business recommendations could be made with the help of AI/ML, which are left up to the companies to use and trade.

Keep it up

Understanding the entire customer journey and its footprints has undoubtedly become a rule for new age companies to have an effective and stronger connection with their customers. With such diverse advances in technology-enabled processes that companies have adopted, it is now easier for them to communicate with customers, especially small businesses who may lack the resources for traditional marketing and advertising strategies. Businesses today need to move and do their best and take a leap of faith to build and maintain a strong position with their customers in their industry and space. A positive customer experience leads to recurring and successful business experiences. It is an extremely progressive step towards growth.

With the emergence of new communication channels, it will not be difficult for companies to offer their customers a seamless experience on their journey of feedback and better customers
Experience. Improving the customer experience is the surefire path to business growth and success.

(The author is the President and Chief Executive of Avidestal Technologies)


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