How to grow your business through contact management

Customers are the lifeblood of the company. Your engagement from your ad can turn into revenue if you’ve managed it smoothly. Therefore, it is imperative that your marketing and sales processes are well structured to achieve an optimal conversion rate.

Your business growth is proportional to the increase in your leads, customers and loyal customers. Therefore, you need assistance in managing your contact lists.

contact management software is a tool that companies can use to organize the contact information of customers, as well as their suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders. A spreadsheet list may not suffice when the demands are higher and the stakes bigger. Contact management apps are specifically designed to overcome the challenges that come with dealing with a large contact base.

Access your contacts anytime, anywhere

The contact management app centralizes your contact list. This means whether you store the contact details in your phone storage, CRM software or other mobile apps, you can still tap into them from whatever device you use.

You don’t have to copy and paste contact information from one address book to another. Also, you don’t have to go through different directories to find someone’s number if you’re not sure where you saved it.

Supports email marketing

Email marketing has an ROI of 36:1, while social media has an average return of $2.80 for every dollar spent. This could be why 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers.

A well-maintained customer database leads to more personalized email marketing campaigns. Contact management apps allow you to sort your contacts as you see fit.

Maximize this feature to group your leads appropriately, making direct mail marketing efforts and newsletter distribution more effective.

Eliminate duplicate data

As your business grows, so does your customer database. Unfortunately, bad data like duplicate entries can also increase the risk. Contact management software helps you keep track of redundant entries, allowing you to either merge or delete unnecessary contact details.

Sending marketing material twice is usually perceived as spam. A contact management system prevents this potentially bad reputation.

Additionally, you’ll get a more accurate count of the number of leads, prospects, or actual customers than a populated with repeated entries. Good data hygiene also increases productivity.

Promotes collaboration

A common contact database between all team members promotes faster information exchange. That means productivity and efficiency. If the team can consolidate all the information they have gathered about the customer, they will have better insight into the prospect. Consequently, the conversion will be smoother.

Secure contact backups

The average cost of a data breach in 2022 is $4.35 million. Contact management apps can help you not to be part of this data through their backup feature. With a whopping 71% of small businesses closing within a year after a major data loss, this risk needs to be considered and mitigated accordingly.

Luckily, some contact management programs offer unlimited backup recovery time. This means it’s never too late to recover your lost contacts even if you discovered them late.

Bring away

The discovery of contact management brings added value to your business. It serves as a cloud-based version of an address book, a collection of business cards, a spreadsheet-based database, and more. Use this tool for customer retention and loyalty efforts.


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