How To Paint High Ceilings Over Stairs Without A Ladder

How To Paint High Ceilings Over Stairs Without A Ladder. Here’s what you need for painting a stairwell without a ladder or scaffolding. How to paint a vaulted ceiling without scaffolding.

How To Paint A High Hallway With Stairs Visual Motley
How To Paint A High Hallway With Stairs Visual Motley from

You can start by carrying your roller up the ladder, roll a small section, come down the ladder, dip your roller into the paint and head back up the ladder. Begin to paint at the nearest corner with firm even rolls across the ceiling in a straight line back and forth. Remember, you can always get closer to the ceiling on another stroke, but you can never recover if you go too far.

The Ceiling Is Flat, And Does Not Slope Down With The Stairs.

You can now climb up and cut in the ceiling line, making sure you do not overreach. Moving it up the stairs will allow this. Edge paint ceiling without scaffolding or extension ladder.

Begin To Paint At The Nearest Corner With Firm Even Rolls Across The Ceiling In A Straight Line Back And Forth.

Sadly, you will need a ladder for this part, but the good news is, we did it with just one ladder instead of that scary scaffolding hack. But the best solution would be to remain well balanced at all times over the plank. Before you go on to paint your soaring ceilings or high walls on stairs, first get rid of the stuff that may be messed by the paint (plants, furnishings, etc.)

That Means That The Ceiling At The Bottom Of The Stairs Is Very High.

This method is slow and can be very slow and tiring on the body if you are trying to paint ceilings higher than 10 feet. Using scaffolding in cleaning, installing lights, or some related equipment for the ceiling is a traditional method. When the handle is full, it extends to 54”, which enabled me to reach the wall above the stairs without even needing to lean over the railing.

Use The Paint Brush To Paint Into Each Corner And In Places That The Roller Cannot Reach.

How to paint a vaulted ceiling without scaffolding. Dust the walls and corners. Also, we painted our drop down ladder the same color as the ceiling which makes it less obnoxious.

There Is No Way I Could Stand On A Skinny Ladder Step And Paint, So Hubby Built A Plywood Scaffold The Width Of The Stairwell And The Length Of 5 Steps To Stand A Regular 6 Ft Ladder On.

Put a cloth on your extension pole and go over the walls and corners to get rid of the dust and cobwebs. This is the best and easiest way to paint the higher part of the stairwell, and it’s definitely the recommended course of action. People praised the diy fan for.

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