How To See Who Liked Your Youtube Videos

How To See Who Liked Your Youtube Videos. It depends on them how. Scroll down until you see the header liked videos.


Look at your youtube analytics. Click see all on the right side of the screen next to liked videos. The viewers like the videos and share them with whom youtube videos like increases.

Like And Dislike Is A Viewer’s Choice.

Google recently added a way to see all videos you liked and disliked, including time and date when you did it. On the left side of the screen, click library. In fact, allowing such a feature could let the unscrupulous harass users that downvoted a video.

How To View Liked Youtube Videos On A Computer.

There is away but it is not always going to work if you see the dislike go to the people pages that are subbed to you and look at there activity if they do not have this blocked it will show that they disliked your video if they do have it locked your sol. Scroll down and click my activity. In the left panel, select analytics to expand a list of tabs for different types of statistics related to your video viewers, including reach, engagement, and audience.

On The Right Side Of The Screen, You Can Scroll Down Through All Your Liked Videos To Find The One.

Scroll down until you see the header liked videos. The only way to know if someone liked or shared your video is if they tell you, or you see the share on social media yourself. Look at your youtube analytics.

However, It Does Not Allow The Author Of The Content To See Exactly, I Mean To Know The Nickname Of The Person Who Disliked The Video.

You can scroll down through the liked videos page to load more videos. Join & manage youtube premium; This shouldn’t take too long, even if you have 5,000 videos saved to the playlist (it took me less than 30 seconds to scroll past 1,000 videos) once at the bottom, press ctrl+f for windows or.

This Feature Is Called “History,” Where You Can Choose To View Your Past Comments.

At the same time, some people dislike the videos as well. Here is how i view all my liked videos on youtube: While logged in to your google account, go to other google activity page, then search for youtube likes and dislikes page.

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