How To Use Mint Wax For Braces

How To Use Mint Wax For Braces. First cleanse your hands and brush your teeth. Can you sleep with orthodontic wax?

GUM Ortho Wax Mint [724], 1 ea Pharmapacks
GUM Ortho Wax Mint [724], 1 ea Pharmapacks from

Orthodontic wax is put on the pointy ends to literally take the edges off of the wires in your mouth. This can be braces or wires poking far in the back of your mouth. Just follow the following steps.

The First Step Is To Wash Your Hands With Soap And Water.

Remove any wax before eating or drinking and cleaning your teeth. Then, roll the wax between your fingers until it forms a small ball, then carefully place it on the affected area and spread it over the sharp edges. However, the orthodontic wax may be depleted any time, or worse and you may need to misplace it.

It Is Easy To Apply, Goes On Clear And Has A Refreshing Mint Flavor.

Gently push the wax onto the problem area of the braces. Break off a tiny bit of wax from the container. Dentek wax for braces fresh mint twin pack;

To Use, Clean And Dry The Area Causing Pain, Then Use The Included Tool To Cut A Small Piece Of Wax And Press It On.

Press the wax over the painful area and rub it in place. Yes, orthodontic wax can be used at night and applied prior to going to sleep. The wax has a mint flavor for a fresh and clean sensation.

This Way They Are Coated And Cannot Hurt Your Oral Cavity And The Soft Tissues Inside Your Mouth.

Dentek wax for braces, it includes an applicator for easy use. It’s not a problem if you accidentally swallow some. Work the wax between your fingers to warm and soften it a little bit (to make it more shapeable)

To Use, Clean And Dry The Area Causing Pain.

Gum orthodontic wax is packed in a convenient, small container that is ideal for both at home and outside the home use. You can get yourself five strips for fewer than two dollars. The drier the area, the longer the wax will stick.

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