Instagram’s Gossip Girl Deuxmoi Talks New Novel ‘Anon Pls’ | entertainment

These days, people hungry for a status update on Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson or Shawn Mendes’ Starbucks order are skipping old standbys like TMZ and People and turning to Deuxmoi instead.

The Instagram account, which has 1.7 million followers, is run by an anonymous woman who lives in New York and collects and shares unconfirmed tips. The skyrocketing popularity of the pseudonym Deuxmoi has spawned a weekly podcast covering current affairs, merchandise, and celebrity sponsorship deals, and now a novel, out this week, that is being developed into an HBO Max series.

“Anon Pls.” (William Morrow), co-written with Jessica Goodman, is based on Deuxmois’ own origin story: Dissatisfied with her job, she opened an account for fun that grew into a lucrative career. The title is cheeky Play with the reader’s tips, which beg for anonymity while sharing everything from the scandalous to the mundane.

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