IntelePeer partners with BASE technology to train, mentor and employ military partners

SAN MATEO, California–(BUSINESS WIRE). a meaningful and sustainable career for military spouses. Today, more than 300 spouses have taken the program’s eligibility test, with 14 spouses securing new career opportunities in technology. IntelePeer, an original BASE technology partner, leverages its easy-to-use communications automation platform to bring valuable low- and no-code technology skills to program participants.

BASE technology is the inspiration of a retired United States Marine Corps officer. After 20 years in the Marine Corps and 25+ years in C-level technology positions, this CIO understands and understands the challenges that spouses in the military face in pursuing a sustainable career in which to continually grow, advance, and thrive. He also appreciates the need for competent and conscientious employees who can support the technology needs of organizations. The BASE technology program is an opportunity to meet these technology needs with qualified and trained military partners.

“As soon as the idea came to me, I was ready to give it my all. It has been a pleasure working with these individuals from day one,” said Anthony Jett, Chief Executive Officer at WTS. “I am very aware of the need for technology-savvy people who are motivated and productive at the same time. BASE Technology harnesses the untapped potential of these highly focused and motivated individuals, and equips them with training and mentoring for consistent and long-term engagement throughout their service member’s career and beyond.”

BASE Technology realized its vision by partnering with WTS. With decades of experience in technology, WTS is an ideal home for this newly created program. BASE Technology uses a specialized recruitment and screening process to identify potential candidates. Spouses first take an aptitude test—then learn low-code application development skills over four to six weeks under the guidance of a participating company. In the case of IntelePeer, attendees will be trained on its low- and no-code marketplace solutions. The idea is to turn spouses into citizen developers who don’t need a coding degree and can work from anywhere.

“We see firsthand the negative impact multiple relocations can have on a spouse’s career in the military and have decided to help this underutilized and undervalued segment of the population,” Jett continued. “We are grateful to our program participants, particularly IntelePeer – their contributions have helped us capitalize on opportunities in technology, which is the perfect sector to build remote and mobile careers.”

“IntelePeer is proud to be an original program participant in BASE Technology’s incredible initiative,” said Frank Fawzi, Chief Executive Officer of IntelePeer. “We care deeply about the problem of underemployment and underemployment among our active military partners. These are culturally astute and skilled individuals who excel at interacting with people from diverse backgrounds but often struggle to develop a fulfilling career due to frequent moves with their spouse. Luckily, with the rise of today’s digital nomads and the proliferation of new low-code platforms that don’t require coding skills, like IntelePeer Smartflows, spouses can nurture technical skills that enable them to work anywhere. We encourage customers using our platform and other companies to join the program and hire such qualified participants.”

BASE Technology also trains spouses on Microsoft, Workday and Salesforce products. The program will add more technologies as more companies participate. After initial verification, BASE Technology offers paid training and remote positions with companies that allow the military spouse to take their career with them and advance their professional career with every military step. BASE technology promotes the retention of military service members, which directly impacts national security, and helps companies leverage these spouses because the accelerated training allows participating companies to see a quick payback.

To learn more about BASE technology, visit: BASE Technology.

About the BASE technology

BASE Technology Partners is a wireless technology solutions program and innovative company that proudly provides consultants with training, employment, matchmaking and mentorship. Our solution addresses the challenges of underemployment and longevity for spouses in the military by giving them the education and tools they need to excel in the technology industry.

About IntelePeer

IntelePeer helps customers communicate better, faster and smarter via its omnichannel communication platform. Our low-code, no-code, and co-creation options provide customers with simple, easy-to-use tools that can be used by anyone and are also accessible through developer APIs. Powering automation through AI and analytics, IntelePeer delivers industry-leading time-to-value and fast time-to-enhanced customer experiences with solutions that work seamlessly with existing enterprise software and infrastructure. For more information, visit:


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