Introducing Arta Finance: the digital family office for the world, powered by technology to unleash the financial superpowers of the ultra-rich.

Arta Finance has more than raised $90M by Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit Capital, Coatue Management and 140+ angel investors to unleash the financial superpowers of the ultra-rich by making family office services available to all.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California., November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arta Finance, a digital family office, today unveiled its platform, starting with accredited investors The United States. Arta unlocks the access, personalization and connections previously only available to the ultra-rich through their family offices. Family offices typically employ teams of professionals who employ sophisticated financial strategies and uncover exclusive investment opportunities. Through technology, Arta aims to bring these benefits to millions of people worldwide. In stealth mode, the company collected more than 90 million dollars by Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit Capital, Coatue and more than 140 tech and financial luminaries including Betsy Cohen, Eric Schmidt and Ram Sriram.

“We believe that a powerful financial strategy and a secure, happy future should not be the monopoly of the ultra-rich,” he said Caesar Sengupta, CEO and co-founder of Arta Finance. “Everyone should have the opportunity to take charge of their financial life, just as wealthier and financially savvy people do. So we’re doing it the way we know best – breaking down barriers to sophisticated finance with technology.”

Smart investing, expand access

Arta’s goal is to help each member take responsibility for their own financial future. It opens up access to alternative assets, unlocks liquidity through a line of credit for eligible members, and uses AI to enable intelligent investing in public markets. Members are also connected to Arta’s ecosystem of financial and lifestyle professionals who can help them protect and enjoy their wealth. The company does this while eliminating the administrative costs, promotional conflicts of interest, clunky user interfaces, and staggering fees that people looking for financial advice often face.

“Arta harnesses the power of technology to help those who have been looking for wealth management but – until now – have never found the right platform,” he said Betsy Cohen, Founder and former CEO of The Bancorp and Chairman of FinTech Masala. “Arta has responded to these customer needs by providing easier, faster and more complete access. Driven by a world-class team with deep technical knowledge, Arta is at the beginning of his exciting journey. I look forward to becoming a member.”

Arta allows members to:

Access alternative assets such as private equity. Arta opens up investment opportunities such as private equity, venture capital, private debt and real estate to people who would not normally have access. Arta starts with funds from top 10 fund managers that have consistently delivered high returns over the past few decades. Members can start with a $10,000 Investment. Get liquidity without selling shares. Eligible Arta members can access a line of credit for their assets at industry-leading interest rates. This means members can stay invested in the market, rather than selling their shares at the wrong time for short-term expenses like a down payment on a house or a tax bill. Create your own personalized investment game plan. Arta’s proprietary AI-managed portfolios (AMPs) allow members to create highly personalized, automated portfolios of stocks, bonds, options and leverage. AMPs aim to deliver better risk-adjusted returns than alternatives like ETFs, direct indices, or what you might get with most robo-advisors – all while maintaining low and transparent fees. Getting smarter together. The ultra-rich also gain an advantage by sharing their financial know-how. Arta members can have their own profitable conversations Arta pulse. In these verified spaces, members can discover new financial opportunities, compete with their peers, and learn from community activity. Invest with confidence. Security is a key focus for the Arta team, which has several decades of experience developing highly secure and robust products at companies like Google. Arta Finance runs on Google Cloud Platform, uses the highest levels of public key encryption and uses biometric and hardware-based authentication to ensure members have a secure yet simple experience using Arta on their phones and on the web. Align interests with contingency fees. Arta starts with clear and transparent pricing so members know exactly how the fees work. Members pay no trading commissions or custody fees, and eligible Arta members can choose performance-based pricing, allowing them to align Arta’s incentives even more closely with their goals.

The future of finance lies in technology

In the past, the Arta team ran fintech products at Google, helped manage multiple billion-user and billion-dollar products, founded and managed quantitative hedge funds, and launched a range of new products from 0 to 100+ million users. With Arta, the team’s mission is to use technology to make personal finance easy, accessible, beautiful — and yes, a little fun, too.

Over the past year, Arta Finance has acquired, established the Arta Foundation with 2% of its initial capital, and has received investment from some of the biggest names in technology and finance.

Shailendra Singh, Managing Director at Sequoia Capital India, said Arta Finance chose to address a “massive unsolved problem in the global fintech space. Caesar and his team are unique in having developed multiple cutting-edge products used by billions of internet users. Similar to many other consumer fintech companies we’ve partnered with, this one requires a more user-centric approach, a more engaging user experience, and a more seamless and scalable platform than is likely to be today. We are grateful to be part of this journey together with the Arta Finance team on their inspiring mission.”

“Arta’s digital-forward approach opens up new investment opportunities previously unattainable for millions of people,” he explained Michael Gilroy, Complementary, Coatue. “We see an opportunity to expand Arta’s mission to help more people achieve their wealth goals.”

“What excites us about Arta is the deep understanding of two critical lines. The first is the complexity of financial services and the need for more transparent access to the information that allows you to make better decisions,” he said Mick Malka, founder of Ribbit Capital. “Second is automation through the use of the best available technology. At Arta we find the best of both worlds. They understand the consumer, they understand the pain, and they have the experience of working with the best technology. We are excited to see how they can influence and transform how everyone thinks about their capital and assets.”

The wait is (almost) over

Arta was built for the world and for everyone, but is making its US debut today for accredited investors. Once the necessary regulatory approvals are obtained, expansion into other countries and investor segments will continue. The global membership waiting list is now open.

To learn more about Arta Finance or to request an invitation, please visit

About Arta Finance

Arta Finance is the digital family office for the world. It empowers more people to gain the financial superpowers that have been the domain of very high net worth individuals. Arta Finance, a US SEC-registered investment advisor, uses AI and machine learning to enable intelligent investing in public market stocks and alternative investments – including private equity, venture capital, real estate – and access financial expertise to help each member , to improve its uniqueness goals. Founded by a team of former Google executives and researchers, Arta is backed by Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit Capital, Coatue and more than 140 tech and finance luminaries. To learn more about Arta, visit

Important Disclosure Information

This document is for informational purposes only and is not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Investing involves risk, including the potential for capital loss. There is no guarantee that the strategies and services offered by Arta Finance will be successful or outperform other strategies and services.

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Arta Finance is the digital family office for the world. It empowers more people to gain the financial superpowers that have been the domain of very high net worth individuals. To learn more about Arta Finance or to request an invitation, please visit


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