Is Super Tech Oil Any Good

Is Super Tech Oil Any Good. I've been using super tech gear oil since it was introduced. Supertech oil is made with 100% synthetic formula and protects your engine in both extreme temperatures.

Super Tech Universal 2Cycle Engine Oil, 8 oz bottle
Super Tech Universal 2Cycle Engine Oil, 8 oz bottle from

I've been using supertech synthetic oil for the past couple years. Supertech oil is one of the highest quality lubricants you will find in the market today. I run it in all my trikes.

Of Course I'm Talking About Conventional Oil.

Its pennzoil, they co pack for wal mart, it has to meet the same sae standards as any other oil. If the oil was no good it wouldn't last til the end of the day let alone the end of the season. This supertech motor oil provides enhanced wear protection and outstanding resi.

And It's Still Probably Better Than A Dino Oil.

Both oils use supplemental moly and healthy doses of p and z. The reason is that supertech oil is made by warren oil company international, but also exxonmobil and pennzoil. Not only that super tech is the cheapest among all other brands.

Hence, Choosing A Good Oil For Your Vehicle Is Of The Essence.

However, that is not the case, and in fact, supertech motor oil complies with all the government’s standards and requirements, ensuring that it is of the highest quality. Oil 20 has the most additive of any oil we’ve seen. Because it maintains all the standard quality performance according to government guidelines and regulations.

Keep In Mind There Are Two Results For Two Different Pathfinders.

With this definition, it is no question that supertech oil filters do the job. All oil has to be made by a major refinery. Most of the leakage problems are long gone, and the supertech is a grp iii, so it is really a super refined mineral oil anyway.

Why Spend $11.95 For A Quart Of Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil When You Can Buy A Quart Of Full Synthetic Walmart Supertech For Less Than Half That Price?

Supertech oil is regarded as a very reliable brand. In the case of motor oil, due to all the regulations set my the feds/epa, any motor oil that gets licensed to sell has to meet certain specs. And with the good uoa's showing, it is a very good value.

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