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On her latest venture, hopeful – but certainly not hopeless – Vallejo singer-songwriter Tessie pours her heart out on the title track from her latest album, It Gets Better.

This singer of romantic melodies is part of Vallejo’s pioneering music collective GoodCompenny along with her other artists Larussel and HeyKujo. Tessie sings about heartbreak and healing with heartfelt lyrics, bringing honesty and vulnerability to her latest album.

“If you’re alive on this planet and you’re human, everyone’s gone through a heartbreak just like you’ve been saddened by some love,” Tessie says. “Everybody’s been through it.

“Anyone can relate to it because we all go through the same things. I really had to go through it to make this album.”

Tessie’s voice guides her studio performance on these tracks. On songs like “Like You Say You Do,” her delivery is silky smooth and leaves you wanting more. On the single “I Don’t Mind,” her lyrics bring that strength to vulnerability. That’s probably why this song is her favorite.

The album includes great features from Nia Nicole and Truleigh. With eight songs in a succinct 21 minutes, It Gets Better packs a groovy and emotional punch into a bite-sized listening experience.

So what exactly is getting better? Tessie says this album is made for healing broken hearts and finding strength. Experiencing her own heartbreak, she wrote this album from the heart and her intense emotions really echo through her voice.

“These are all things that I’ve had to live through and really process and go through,” Tessie said. “These are real emotions and I have a feeling you can feel it. I’ve always just kept this mentality, you know, it’s not always going to be, you know, like yeah, it’s getting better.

As a local artist and partner of GoodCompenny, Tessie’s music journey Vallejos highlights local artists such as Larussel and HeyKujo. GoodCompenny is Vallejo’s music collective that promotes artists, hosts events and most recently partnered with Momo’s Cafe on Georgia Street.

Tessie was born and raised in a musical family in Vallejo. Coming from a mostly rock household, Tessie found her voice in R&B and has been making music since 2013.

Despite her strong exposure to Rock from her father and Kuya (older brother), she eventually found herself drawn to artists such as JoJo, Alicia Keys and Jazmine Sullivan.

In 2017 Tessie began releasing music as part of a duo with Larussel under the name WeAreYou. When her breakout song “Shhhlide” hit over 1 million streams on Spotify, Tessie started creating more and set about establishing her track as an artist.

As an up-and-coming artist from the groundbreaking Vallejo music collective, check out what Tessie and GoodCompenny are up to next.


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