Julie Zauzmer Weil joins the business desk to pioneer a new line of tax covers


Announcement by Business Editor Lori Montgomery and Deputy Business Editor Damian Paletta:

We are pleased to announce that Julie Zauzmer Weil is joining the Business Desk to pioneer new tax reporting, using her explanatory and investigative powers to uncover wrongdoing and injustice and help readers find your way around the tax system better.

Julie launches this beat as the Internal Revenue Service embarks on a historic and highly controversial expansion. Meanwhile, resurgent Republicans on the Hill are vowing to extend and extend Trump’s expiring tax cuts, a difficult exercise that has readers’ heads spinning with pressing questions — questions Julie is uniquely able to answer.

For the past five years, Julie has volunteered as an IRS-certified tax advisor with DC’s Community Tax Aid, completing tax returns for low-income residents. This experience taught her how a person’s tax return can tell volumes about their life story – including how their government values ​​their work and wealth. Meanwhile, Julie has worked as a local reporter for the past eight years, honing her ability to explain the unknown in understandable ways. As a religion reporter, she described the political impact of Christian theology on unbelievers. In her current beat covering the DC government, she understood DC’s vaccine system. Julie recently compiled the first comprehensive list of slave owners in the US Congress and researched the lives of 5,559 lawmakers born before 1840. The result was a massive interactive action that inspired readers to share their own story, including a DC judge who had spent years trying to unravel the mystery of why his great-grandmother — despite being born into slavery — married in the home of a US Senator.

Before joining The Post, Julie worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer, her home newspaper. And before that, she was one of the legions of future superstars who started their careers as post-summer interns. A graduate of Harvard University, where she majored in English, Julie was also the editor-in-chief of the Harvard Crimson.

Outside of work, Julie loves balloon twisting, knitting and sourdough baking. She will be based in New York, where she and her husband, Gabe, a law professor, are expecting their first child – and where Julie will have direct access to Wall Street financiers, executives of the nation’s wealthiest companies, and many of the tax experts who deserve it the system is buzzing.

Please join us in congratulating Julie on her new role. Your first day is November 28th.


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