Kareem Hunt on trade talks after Browns win: ‘I’m ready for anything’

Hunt saw the future months ago and asked for a trade during training camp. The Browns flatly denied his request, and Hunt has remained a fine employee ever since, showing up for work and giving his all while probably wondering when he might again be given meaningful opportunities.

Monday night was a productive one for Hunt, perhaps his best performance of the season. The running back and local hero carried the ball for 42 yards 11 times and caught four passes for 30 yards, his second-best total of scrimmage yards in a game this season. It was a glimpse into the past, a time when Chubb and Hunt propelled the Browns to victory with relentless attack; against the Bengals, they totaled 176 scrimmage yards.

When asked if he felt Kevin Stefanski’s staff made getting Hunt more involved against Cincinnati a priority, Hunt expressed apathy.

“I mean, I think so,” Hunt said. “We won.”

The win sent the Browns fans home happy, but the tone was more muted in Cleveland’s locker room, particularly in Hunt’s stable. Statistically, it was a positive send-off for Hunt. However, there was no mistaking the fact that he would probably be happier somewhere else.

“I mean, you know I’m from the city of Cleveland, so (laughs) I guess I’m glad we won,” Hunt said. “So yeah, that’s the way to go out.”

Hunt made it clear his displeasure has nothing to do with his teammates, who he said he loves Monday night. He and Chubb share a demonstrated friendship that has enabled their one-two punch to thrive over the past several years. But whether it’s Cleveland’s four-game losing streak (broken off Monday night) or Hunt’s diminished role, it just isn’t enough for him anymore.

More importantly, nothing has changed nearly enough to make Hunt reconsider his request, which he said he didn’t get an update from the Browns’ front office.

“I have no idea, I have no idea. I don’t talk to them about it,” Hunt said. “Like I said, I just come in and work, man. If something happens, it probably happens. I’ll always show up for work, you know that.”

Like Hunt, Stefanski didn’t provide much insight into the matter after the game.

“As you can imagine, I don’t go into those things,” Stefanski said. “He fights like crazy. He’s a great part of this team. These guys just fight whatever is in front of them, they fight like crazy.”

Hunt showed up for work Monday night. He could very well have a new job by Tuesday afternoon.


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