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Jeethu Joseph is back with “Kooman,” a thriller headlined by Asif Ali. Apart from the pan-Indian film “Ram” starring Mohanlal, several films in different languages ​​(Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu) are in the pipeline for Jeethu. Jeethu Joseph shares more updates on Kooman and its upcoming films with Manorama.

How did Kooman come about?

“Kooman” is a thriller. If “Drishyam” is a family drama, “Kooman” is a real thriller. The story takes place on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

There is a definite connection between Kooman and the film. Asif plays a police officer. In a police story, a thief will be there. To catch the thief, the police had to travel at night. When the film’s screenwriter, KR Krishnakumar, suggested the name Kooman, I liked it too.

This is your second collaboration with Krishnakumar

We were friends long before we got into film. During the Covid period, when a producer from Mumbai brought the idea of ​​’12. Mannes,” I discussed them with Krishnakumar and he agreed to write them. It was also a film that didn’t require multiple locations or travel. Actually, Kooman was the film we were supposed to do first.

How did the Jeethu Joseph-Asif Ali Association come about?

The main character of “Kooman” needs an actor like Asif Ali. This film doesn’t need a muscular policeman, but a young ordinary plainclothes policeman. He has no muscular strength, but is very intelligent. In the film, villagers wonder how he became a police officer.

Have you heard complaints about murders of Drishyam models when something happens in real life?

Before and after the film, similar incidents happened around the world. When a crime occurs, the first thing anyone involved in the crime would do is hide or destroy the evidence. Such things exist even before ‘Drishyam’. Maybe some of what’s shown in movies can affect some people. Once, the perpetrators of a case said they threw the cell phone on a train far away. And also said they had the idea after seeing a movie. But this idea did not help them. So you got caught. If someone copies what Georgekutty did in real life, there’s every chance they’ll get caught. Our intention was to astonish the audience. That was all we ever tried.

Tell us about your new projects

Antony Perumbavoor had suggested giving “Drishyam 3” a chance. I’ll do it when I have a good idea. As a filmmaker, sticking to thrillers can get boring to me. I have a few other ideas in mind and despite the risks involved, I intend to implement them. I am currently committed to a few projects and I need to finish them.

Filming of Rams UK parts is over. Next location is Morocco and we will be leaving for Morocco soon. After that, Tunisia is the location. Some parts could also be shot in Israel. “Ram” is a big film and made like a pan-Indian film. After that I have some projects in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.


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