KYOCERA unveils new prototype human augmentation technology using advanced AI to enhance human skills in Japan

KYOTO, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto, hereinafter “Kyocera”) (TOKIO:6971) announced the development of three new prototype human augmentation solutions in Japan: a Walk detection and coaching systema physical avatarand a Hearing improvement device. All three solutions are based on the concept May created by Kyocera’s Future Design Laboratory. Human augmentation uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies to enable new experiences and skills by complementing and enhancing human capabilities. The systems are intended to improve human perception, cognition and motor skills as well as human presence and interaction. Kyocera’s technology is expected to benefit multiple sectors, from healthcare and medicine to entertainment and manufacturing.

Introducing Mai, the new Human Augmentation Concept from Kyocera

The Future Design Laboratory of Kyocera’s R&D department has unveiled the new May Human augmentation concept. The lab’s mission is “to contribute to safer and more prosperous lives with technology that supports and enhances human capabilities.” May symbolizes how this technology creates possibilities for new human experiences. It can be likened to how a story dynamically unfolds in the context of subtle actions in “Noh” theater, the traditional Japanese art form that relies heavily on similes and metaphors expressed through movement.

The first three solution prototypes were introduced under the May concept

Kyocera has developed three solution prototypes to improve human perception, cognition and motor skills while enhancing human presence and interaction.

  1. Walk Sensing and Coaching System: Promoting optimal posture and walking to improve motor skills and well-being

    Using three wearable sensors (wrist, ankle and ear), Kyocera’s AI technology monitors the user’s gait and provides coaching instructions to improve posture and stride.
  2. Physical Avatar: Improving remote interaction with colleagues in the office through presence extension

    Employees working remotely can be represented by physical avatars in the office, allowing for more natural visual and audio communication with their colleagues.
  3. Hearing Enhancement Device: The listening environment monitoring device enables audio playback to enhance perception and cognition

    The headset device monitors a person’s surroundings and allows the wearer to catch a missed cue, such as B. a train or flight announcement to play immediately. The device supports the improvement of attention and memory and can help reduce stress.

Kyocera will continue to develop technologies to enhance human capabilities and contribute to personal safety, comfort and a better quality of life.

Description of the solutions

  1. Walk detection and coaching system

    Kyocera’s Walk Sensing and Coaching System enables optimal walking technique by recognizing, diagnosing and coaching the user’s gait, ie coordinated steps and pace. The system measures posture using data from wearable sensors on the ear, wrist and ankle, and provides real-time diagnostics and coaching via an earpiece while the user walks. The system was developed in cooperation with Wacoal Corp. (hereinafter Wacoal), a well-known women’s luxury fashion brand in Japan. As part of its product development, Wacoal has been researching the human body structure since 1964 and analyzes more than 1000 test subjects every year. In some cases, Wacoal has collected continuous data on identical individuals for more than 40 years. By collaborating on this development, Kyocera and Wacoal aim to help users achieve a healthier gait and better quality of life.
  2. Physical avatar for remote work

    Even after COVID-19, new trends in remote work remain. However, the challenge of feeling disconnected from colleagues in the office has become a focus for many companies and workers. Remote workers struggle to engage in casual office conversations, which can make them feel overlooked by colleagues who connect in a physical location. Likewise, on-site colleagues can feel isolated from remote workers who miss important social cues in the conversation. Kyocera’s new physical avatar provides a physical representation for the field worker in the office. Additionally, a 360-degree camera and microphone array allows remote workers to conveniently capture the office environment remotely. Remote workers can respond to the office environment through the avatar by resizing, nodding, and turning their heads to physically interact with co-workers. The avatar can help improve connections between remote workers and on-site colleagues to reduce stress and enable better overall hybrid office communication.
  3. Hearing improvement device

    Of the many sounds that surround us in everyday life, it is difficult for humans to process more than a few sounds at the same time. Kyocera’s new hearing enhancement device continuously monitors the user’s environment and alerts them to information that requires closer attention. The device combines bone conduction earphones and binaural microphones* with an AI system. By recording the listening environment and alerting the user to important sounds, they can quickly and easily play back important audio to catch up on missed sounds. Wherever multitasking takes place, e.g. B. healthcare, hospitality, office, busy train stations and airports, this device can help improve auditory perception and retention of important information, and support attention, memory and cognition.

*Binaural microphones capture sound using microphones placed close to both ears to reproduce a realistic listening experience.


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