Largest voice-centric entertainment platform Adda365 launches its new app feature “Audio Room”.

TikTok and Instagram Reels have transformed the way we consume video footage. The platforms that display short, bite-sized video content not only provide viewers with quick entertainment, but also provide advertisers with a powerful tool to increase brand engagement and marketing returns. Although there is no set length for short-form videos, anything no longer than a few minutes usually counts. One such platform is Adda365, an audio platform in India that strives to give its users a special chance to connect while showing off their skills. Users are only expected to interact with the information for a short time; Therefore, it should be interesting from start to finish.

Adda365 was created as a short-form entertainment platform that allows people to showcase their skills in front of larger audiences. It combines short videos and audio rooms to connect with their favorite creators. To engage more users, Adda 365 has introduced its new in-app feature, Audio Room. This allows creators to create voice-based spaces and stay connected and engaged with their followers.

The new feature in the application has some interesting features on how to customize its appearance in the audio rooms with the frames, themes, etc. available in the app. They also made sure there was no chaos and appointed a moderator to take care of the audio rooms. Empowerment in a new way, there’s no cap on how many people can join a room. In addition, the audio rooms have a feature that allows users to even talk through messages. They keep technology at the forefront and plan to introduce more features to make it unique and fun. Also, one can enjoy a virtual gift option available for audio rooms.

Commenting on the need for a short audio and video platform, Adda365 shared: “Human attention spans are getting shorter and shorter as social media usage increases. Short videos can be incorporated into your marketing plan in a myriad of different ways. But your target audience will always be important, regardless of what trends come and go. Through Adda365’s new features, it will help provide a great platform for creators to engage and grow their followers by showcasing their diverse content.”

Adda365 has provided a platform for video creators from metro cities and users of language areas from smaller cities. This will help people from smaller towns get a broader platform and showcase their talent. Already 100,000 users have registered in the application. And with that, Adda365 plans to surpass 3 lakh users in the next few months. So if you are a budding creator, this is the right platform to showcase your talent and build a large pool of followers.


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