Leading provider of flexible work technology celebrates CRN climbers

As a leader in the channel market, GoTo is all about building strong relationships. Our partnership model is designed to foster long-term, supportive and sustainable relationships with partners of all types. We work tirelessly to help our channel partners provide their customers with the best communications and remote support technologies and services.

partnerships for growth

Successful partnerships are critical to enabling ambitious new IT companies to grow – so it’s fitting that GoTo is sponsoring this year’s CRN Rising Star Awards. We look forward to celebrating the best new talent in the UK IT channel sector. We are excited to announce the company that has achieved the most impressive growth in today’s challenging market.

Michael Day, our Vice President of Global Partner Sales and a veteran of the UCaaS and CCaaS channel sector, will present the award on our behalf at the ceremony. Michael joined GoTo in April to lead the growth of our partner programs across all products and brings over 20 years of channel sales experience.

Addressing market priorities

Michael’s expertise helps us tailor our partnership program to the needs of our partners and give them the tools, products and support they need to attract and retain more business customers.

Businesses today face significant market volatility, uncertainty and rising costs. In this environment, they are asking their IT vendors for consolidation, efficiencies and cost reductions to help them navigate difficult times. At GoTo, we’ve restructured our business to meet these exact needs.

Communication and IT support tools for all businesses

Our two core flexible working products – GoTo Connect and GoTo Resolve – provide the essential communication and IT support tools our partners need to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB and enterprise).

GoTo Connect is our cloud-based Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) platform that includes all communication tools business needs. It provides a single platform from which users can call, message, and hold meetings on any device, from anywhere, anytime.

GoTo Resolve is our all-in-one IT management solution designed to address the remote IT support challenges organizations face in the hybrid work environment. While digital infrastructure and IT tools have become more important than ever, managing and supporting those tools poses significant challenges for remote workers. GoTo Resolve is our purpose-built solution to help IT teams work consistently, efficiently, and effectively Provide remote IT support.

Together, these two products provide partners with the tools they need to help customers keep pace with rapidly changing times. GoTo is the only vendor on the market that addresses both the communications and IT support needs of SMBs, midsize businesses and large enterprises – making us the perfect choice for partners.

Fully integrated channel relationships

What sets GoTo’s partnering experience apart from other sales channels is that partners are truly an integral part of our sales ecosystem – not just an addition to our sales team. We are aware that our partners are an important link between our products and customers worldwide.

Because we value our partner relationships so highly, we invest a great deal of energy, expertise and resources in supporting them. That means giving partners the tools, technology and information they need to seize opportunities, build stronger relationships with customers, expand into new markets and achieve sustainable growth.

Benefits of the GoTo partnership

Our partner teams not only offer market-leading products to address customers’ needs directly, but also provide dedicated technical, marketing, sales and after-sales support to help partners deliver a seamless, professional service. We help partners effectively promote GoTo products, analyze opportunities, design solutions and close deals. Our compensation, commissions and incentives are tailored to each partner’s business model, ensuring they deliver reliable recurring revenue streams.

Choosing the right partners for your business is key to sustained growth and success—in the long run. It’s important to make your connections count. That means choosing a partner who will invest in providing the products and support to give your business a competitive advantage.

To discuss the possibilities of partnering with GoTo, please come and talk to us on awards night – or visit us www.gotopartnership.com to find out more.

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