Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative releases an official statement on Hook Entertainment’s unpaid music profits

Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative has released an official statement on ongoing reports that the artist has not received any music release payments for the past 18 years.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Lee Seung Gi had sent his agency, Hook Entertainment, a content certification requesting transparent payment disclosure. Recently, the agency’s office building was also confiscated and ransacked by the Serious Crimes Investigation Branch of the National Police Agency on suspicion of embezzlement by some executives. On November 21, Dispatch released a report claiming that Lee Seung Gi had not received any of his earnings from his music and was missing explanations for five years from 2004 to 2009. Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, responded briefly, that they are in the process of verifying the facts.

On November 24, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative released the following statement:

Hi. This is Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative.

First of all, we would like to apologize for worrying many people about an issue between Lee Seung Gi and the agency. Regarding the recent reports of unexplained payments for his music, we would like to express Lee Seung Gi’s stance on his behalf.

It was reported that Lee Seung Gi Hook Entertainment sent a content confirmation through a legal representative on November 15 regarding the unresolved payment for his music. We have asked that the breakdown of distribution profits from all albums that Lee Seung Gi has been involved in be disclosed and that the amount he has not received for his music be settled and paid.

After his debut, Lee performed Seung Gi [music and acting] Promotions during 18 years under Hook Entertainment. In terms of his activities in the entertainment industry and his accountability report, Lee Seung Gi fully trusted and followed Hook Entertainment. Since representatives from Hook Entertainment didn’t even mention anything about paying for music, he wasn’t even aware that he was making a profit from music, and he recently became aware of the truth that music profits were made as a result of an accidentally sent message an employee. After that, Lee Seung Gi requested billing details several times, but Hook Entertainment apologized with lies like “You are a minus singer (meaning negative profit margin)” and avoided giving details.

In this process, Lee Seung Gi heard offensive and threatening remarks that are difficult to pronounce from the CEO and others, so finally after much deliberation he decided to send a certification of the content by a legal representative because he was beyond the question The relationship of trust with CEO Kwon Jin Young and Hook Entertainment, which he has relied on as family throughout his long tenure, has failed to maintain the payment processing for his music.

In addition to [the issue of] Lee Seung Gi’s payment for his music, we also have plans to closely investigate various legal relationships between Hook Entertainment, including CEO Kwon Jin Young and Lee Seung Gi. Therefore, we request Hook Entertainment to transparently disclose the details of sales and settlements in the course of Lee Seung Gi’s activities in the entertainment industry through multiple content certifications, and we are currently awaiting a sincere response from Hook Entertainment.

In relation to the matter in question, we are grateful and sorry for the many people who support and care about Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi will do his best to ensure that this does not affect the projects he is working on in the future, and we will issue a separate statement after further investigating the plain truths of the matter.


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