Live news takes center stage for The Washington Post on election night


The Washington Post today announced an expanded, dynamic 2022 midterm election experience with comprehensive coverage that will inform readers and contextualize election results from across the country as votes are tallied on November 8 and beyond. Follow special live video programming hosted by presenters and correspondents in seven states, on-the-spot reports and live updates from nearly 60 journalists across the country, and an innovative voting model to engage users.

“Our reporting will be urgent, insightful and authoritative, drawing on the deep expertise of our Politics, Democracy and America staff and the real-time reporting of dozens of journalists deployed on the ground across the country,” said National Editor Matea Gold. “Readers will be able to follow in real time as we document the experiences of Americans going to the polls and monitor challenges to the democratic process, and they will find analysis and context to help them quickly understand and respond to the results.” interpret as soon as they come in.”

The Post will ramp up its voting model Tuesday, making it available to readers for the first time in a midterm election. This model, which the election team has been refining and evolving for three years, captures and contextualizes key House, Senate and Board of Governors elections with electoral demographics and trends from previous elections, providing detailed insight into key campaigns under the control of Congress.

Sophisticated graphics and new data visualizations help shed light on the state of specific races. These images will accompany premier reporting and live analysis from the largest campaign team in newsroom history, as well as diverse perspectives and commentary from Opinions staff.

The Post will be experimenting with Google AMP for email on election night, delivering breaking political news straight to readers’ inboxes and ensuring live, live race highlights are available as soon as the email is opened.

The Post’s election coverage also includes:

  • Coverage by 120 journalists, including nearly 60 reporters based in 37 states, who capture voters’ perspectives and experiences in the election, assess efforts to cast doubt on the results, and report on key races as the results come in .
  • A dedicated comprehensive page featuring key representatives from the House of Representatives, Senate, Governors and Secretary of State to keep on screen throughout the night.
  • Enhanced model insights that provide readers with an additional layer of information and an engaging, dynamic digital experience while tracking the latest results.
  • Live programming in seven states is led by Senior News Anchor Libby Casey. Casey will be joined at The Post Studio by senior political correspondent Rhonda Colvin and columnist James Hohmann. Jeremy Bowers, Director of Engineering, and Lenny Bronner, Lead Data Scientist, will provide live vote count updates and analysis of the voting model throughout the night. A team of reporters from across the country joins: Jorge Ribas reporting from Pennsylvania, Joyce Koh in Georgia, Lee Powell in North Carolina, Jon Gerberg in Arizona, Angela Hill in Ohio, Rich Matthews in Wisconsin and Neeti Upadhye in Nevada. Leigh Ann Caldwell reports from Washington, DC
  • Real-time updates from the TikTok team providing election insights to their followers, analyzing trending topics and breaking news, spanning from the start of Election Day to when the final counts arrive.
  • The flagship daily news podcast, Post Reports, hosted by senior host Martine Powers and co-host Elahe Izadi, takes listeners into new coverage from the newsroom and campaign trail, using insights from Post journalists to getting close to the stories driving the election, News Cycle.
  • The Democracy Toolkit, a personal voting guide for readers, curated stories, tools, visual explanations, and FAQs to answer pressing questions that may arise along the way to the election.
  • Ideologically diverse commentary from The Post’s world-class opinion columnists offers readers real-time insight into election trends and outcomes. Before Election Day, readers can “beat the pundit” by making their predictions for key midterm elections and comparing their results to political columnists. The section will also feature live Q&A with opinion writers from around the country, as well as timely and engaging commentary from newsmakers.

Experience The Post’s polling center.


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