Local News: Things to Know in Las Vegas on November 3, 2022

No winner in Powerball

Nevadans will continue to head across the border to California or Arizona after nobody matched all six numbers to win the Powerball jackpot last night.

Saturday’s prize is expected to be worth $1.5 billion, close to a record $1.58 billion set in 2016. Nevada is one of five states that do not offer the game of Powerball.

Legal dispute over power plant and toad

In a highly unusual move in a lawsuit over a Nevada geothermal power plant and an endangered toad, the project’s developer is asking a judge to allow it to increase the original plan, which US land administrators approved last November, by 80% to shorten. Both the Bureau of Land Management and Ormat Technologies have requested that the case be placed on hold. They cited the Fish and Wildlife Service’s listing of the Dixie Valley toad, which was temporarily listed as vulnerable in April. The Center for Biological Diversity applied to be included on the list and sued to have the project blocked. His lawyers say they intend to oppose the new motion.

Nye County’s hand-counted ballots

The Nevada ACLU has asked the Nevada Secretary of State to investigate what it described as “coordinated partisan electoral administration efforts” during a rural county’s hand count of mail-in ballots that was shut down last week. The ACLU said Wednesday a hand-count volunteer who openly carried a firearm removed an ACLU observer from a hand-count room last week. It said it recently discovered the armed volunteer was vice chairman of the Nye County GOP Central Committee. The ACLU said the situation “raises questions” regarding the Nye County interim officer’s delegation of authority to partisan officers to remove observers, particularly during a hand count process dealing with ballot tables.

Elections recruitment process unfair?

A Nevada judge is considering ordering Las Vegas-area election officials to hire more Republican poll workers. The GOP National Committee had argued that the partisan makeup of a 64-member ballot review committee was unfair. The Las Vegas judge said Wednesday he expects to rule by Thursday. An attorney for the Republican National Committee stated that all political parties “should have a seat at the table.” A district attorney representing the electoral register told the judge that the hiring was not being conducted by a political party and that comparing signatures on ballots sent in the mail with signatures on the files of the Department of Motor Vehicles is not a partisan duty.

Bonneville Salt Flats are shrinking

The glistening white salt of the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats shrinks near the Utah-Nevada line. The prehistoric lake bed has long been a Mecca for daredevil racers, a backdrop for famous film scenes and a destination for selfie-seeking tourists. Concerns are growing about the future of the treeless expanse of salt crystals, and another study has been launched as researchers try to determine the cause and solution. They know that a century of mining of a potassium-based salt called Kali has played a part, and are also trying to assess how racing, tourism and climate change play a role.

April date set for Rob Telles trial

A trial date has been set in April for a former Las Vegas-area elected official who has pleaded not guilty to the killing of a veteran investigative journalist who wrote articles about him. Defendant Robert Telles appeared with his attorney for the brief hearing on Wednesday. Telles did not speak in court. He remains detained without bail when Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German was stabbed to death outside German’s home on September 2. Telles faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment without parole. His trial date could be postponed pending a Nevada Supreme Court ruling on whether police and prosecutors can access Germany’s cellphones and electronic devices over his newspaper’s objections to disclosure of confidential sources.

Strong Republican turnout in Clark County

Republican participation in early voting was strong in Clark County, with early voting ending Friday night. Clark County Election Department records show that more than 59,000 Republicans elected early, compared to more than 42,000 Democrats. Another 25,000 votes came from non-party voters. The total vote in Clark County was just over 127,000 as of last night. Voters can still cast early ballots until Friday, but there are no early ballots over the weekend. Next Tuesday is election day.

Adele is sold out

All Adele residency shows are now officially sold out. The Weekends with Adele residency was pushed back a day ahead of its scheduled start due to COVID-related production delays earlier this year. The shows were formerly supposed to run on weekends from January to April and are now scheduled to start on November 18th. But trying to get a shot at tickets doesn’t come without a hefty price tag. A check of online tickets shows that a ground floor seat costs as much as $6,000.


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