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Upholstery company chartered

The Parkersburg Upholstering Company was incorporated in Charleston with capital of $28,000. Shares cost $100 each and are held by William Bentley, EC Gerwig; Wm. Noll and Charles Koethe of Pittsburgh; Wm. Mitchell and GL Hendershot.

The STATE JOURNAL had a report on this new industry some weeks ago, stating that the factory building would be completed by December 1st, and that the factory would be put into operation on January 1st, 1893. The building is finished, necessary machinery is being built in, although not much is needed, and preparations are proceeding at a brisk pace.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

December 3, 1892


Downtown Parkersburg Industries—Ohio Valley Coffee Company

The active demand of a large and ever-growing population and also the extensive distribution business in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Eastern and Southern Ohio and the District of Columbia have created an important interest in the roasting and application of in this city Coffee, and a leader in this important interest is the Ohio Valley Coffee Company, whose plant and headquarters are at 214 Fourth Street. The present company was incorporated in 1890 by a corporation owned by Simms Powell, President; CH Bartlett, Vice President, and WT Rittenhouse, Secretary. These gentlemen all enjoy pleasant social relationships and a prominent position in social life.

The coffees that this company imports and roasts come straight from Brazil via Baltimore. The address is a thoroughly modern roasting and packaging facility with a capacity of 6,000 pounds per day. For its capacity the plant is as complete as any in the United States, and consists of grinders, screens, coolers and stoners, and Burns improved roasters. Through the use of the stoner, the company is able to remove from the coffee every particle of grit, nails and similar substances that so often ruin the grinders for the housekeeper [home coffee grinders]. Under normal conditions, ten workers are employed and trade extends over the said area. The various brands enjoy an excellent reputation wherever they are sold, as the company’s aim is to supply the best goods in their respective qualities that can be manufactured. These brands consist of Mocha and Java Blend, Old Government, Java Blend, Maricaibo Fancy, Golden Rio, Peerless, and Premium. In addition to these brands, they just introduced the “XLNT” ground coffee flavored with real German chicory, which is already selling fast. This company does not try to sell the cheapest coffee on the market, but the best quality at the lowest possible prices. Mr. Simms Powell personally and actively serves all of the Company’s interests in order to effectively uphold the high reputation of the Company’s products.

That [Parkersburg] State Gazette, Industry Edition

April 1896


A new industry

The Standard Bottling Works is the name of a new institution formed in this city, with its headquarters at 107 Market Street. Their productions are the famous Wankasha Water, the Cambridge Mineral Water made in Cambridge Mineral Springs in Pennsylvania and all kinds of soft drinks.

Mr. WE Rumbarger, a former DuBois, Pa. businessman, is the Manager. He is indeed very happy with the trading conditions here and is confident that he has a large and growing business. We welcome this new industry to Parkersburg and predict it will account for a good share of trade.

LN Logan Carriage Co., just made a nice new carriage for you.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

July 24, 1897


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