Lost Boy Entertainment LLC: These two college students started a multi-million dollar marketing agency out of their dorm room

Now more than ever, with an ever-rising inflation rate, building multiple income streams is crucial. Knowing this, the last decade has brought us a huge increase in online transactions. While brick-and-mortar stores are closing their doors, the digital economy continues to expand every day.

In 2022 there are many different ways to make money online. By simply googling “how to make money online” one can find cliche ideas and offers to supplement income. The unfortunate truth is that many of these methods don’t really work well, or have only worked for a few people who control market share. Despite the fallout from a global pandemic and rising inflation, two young entrepreneurs have found a way to scale their own business online.

Meet the founders of Lost Boy Entertainment LLC, a boutique digital marketing and PR firm credited with helping build some of today’s most important companies and influencers. The company functions as the promotional division of the owner’s holding company, Lost Boy Holdings LLC. Co-founders Christian Anderson (better known as “Trust’N”) and Bryce Vander Sanden founded the company three years ago while they were full-time students in their spare time. Despite the difficulties of starting an entertainment-based business in the industry-less state of Wisconsin, the founders turned to social media to make their earliest connections.

The business started by servicing a small list of friends and new clients a month and quickly spread as word of mouth spread. During this time, Anderson asked Vander Sanden to get into the business and help handle some of the workload. “We just worked whenever we could, and after I asked Bryce to help me, we just split projects up and did what we could each day,” said Anderson, who serves as the company’s president.


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