Marco Rubio predicts a possible Republican-led Senate after the midterm elections

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., outlined what to expect from a Republican Senate should his political party retake the chamber after Tuesday’s midterm elections.

In his appearance on “Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy,” Rubio said what can realistically be expected with a Republican majority in the Senate under a Democratic president.

“The first thing I think you can realistically expect and demand is that we prevent bad things from happening. The Senate has that role to play, a body created in our constitutional system to prevent things that are bad for the country from happening. We have the authority to do that with nominations, which only the Senate does, as you know, but also all these other laws. Every night we went to sleep because we were worried that Joe Manchin would change his mind about the filibuster, and we. If we take over the federal elections, we’ll grab the Supreme Court. So that we can prevent bad things from happening,” Rubio said.

He added plans to increase oversight of federal agencies like the IRS and the Department of Homeland Security. With a potential majority, Rubio also hoped these actions could sway more moderate Senate Democrats.

Senator Marco Rubio appeared on "Sunday night in America."

Senator Marco Rubio appeared on Sunday Night in America.
(Fox News)


“If we get a big enough victory across the country, you would hope that it would send a message, particularly to Senate Democrats up for election in 2024, that the American people don’t have some of these wild left-wing ideas that they are pursuing supports . And maybe the instinct of self-preservation will kick in, and they’ll join us to drill things and extract more American oil, take crime seriously, keep the federal government out of our schools, and enforce our immigration laws,” Rubio said.

During the segment, Rubio criticized his Democratic opponent Rep. Val Demings for her stance on crime, particularly since she was a police officer.

“She was a cop, she should have known better, instead, as soon as she got to Washington, she immediately started turning her back on law enforcement officers here in the state of Florida and across the country,” Rubio said.

Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida.

Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida.
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He said: “As a member of Congress, when they were burning down cities and setting police cars on fire in the summer of 2020, she called the riots a beautiful sight, she said the way Minneapolis was following it was very thoughtful. She voted to abolish qualified immunity. She wanted to abolish them so you could sue cops individually, and she’s turned her back on law enforcement. And she actually lent her voice, she gave her law enforcement the credibility she still had at the time to those who were talking about things like police defunding. That’s why I think it’s even worse what she did.

Rubio also took the time to ask Florida Republican voters to cast their ballots in this impactful election.

Florida Democratic Senate nominee Val Demings will face Florida GOP Senate nominee Marco Rubio in November.

Florida Democratic Senate nominee Val Demings will face Florida GOP Senate nominee Marco Rubio in November.
(Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg, Gerardo Mora via Getty Images)


“I took this as an opportunity to remind everyone here in Florida that Tuesday is the last day if you have not voted early by this time, if you have not submitted your absentee ballot you must show up on Tuesday and you must vote . And it’s important. If we compete, we will win this race. The only thing I think Democrats can do to save the vote here in Florida is if Republicans decide to stay home because you look at poll numbers and think it’s no longer competitive. Then they would make it competitive by not showing up,” Rubio said.


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