Marks and Spencer wants to increase grocery deliveries from Ocado – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Currently 75% of the M&S Food range is offered through Ocado. The plan is to increase this closer to 100% in the coming months.

There will be a focus on making more products from the Remarksable value range available on Ocado to appeal to price-conscious shoppers amid the cost of living crisis.

Gibson is also exploring how to improve every caterer’s biggest specter, those dreaded substitutions.

Sales of M&S goods since launching its joint venture with Ocado just over two years ago have reached £1.3 billion.

An “insider” told The Mail On Sunday that Machin intends to grow Ocado Retail over the next five years to achieve “a market-leading national position in online grocery retail and a brilliant showcase for the M&S brand and range”.

He’s pushing for 700,000 orders a week, up from 367,000 at the end of last fiscal year in March.

SRD platform

Last month we reported that M&S ​​has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to improve its in-store space, assortment and display (SRD) capabilities.

The retailer faced several operational challenges created by a lack of investment in technology.

TCS designed and implemented a cloud-based SRD platform using Blue Yonder Category Management and Azure Data Bricks with the aim of optimizing store space, improving inventory management efficiency, achieving the company’s GSCOP (Grocery Suppliers Code of Practice) ranking into account and improve the customer experience.

The SRD platform integrates supply chain, store and merchandising systems to give M&S an overview of all available product lines and instantly inform system operations and planning teams at scale.

The retail giant says stock assortment is now always accurate and integration with supply chain systems means no lag between the planogram and assortments listed in the supply chain system.

The production area is now maximized and any unexpected problems in the supply chain can be resolved quickly, it adds.

Rob Barnes, Chief Technology Officer, Food and Retail at M&S, commented: “The new SRD platform is a key technology that is important for figuring out what to put where in our stores, which products to sell and in which scope.”

“All we’ve gotten from day one has been benefits, and that’s no accident – it comes from two great teams working together very effectively to deliver a successful program.”

“Our relationship with TCS will be critical in guiding some of the significant investments and further transformations in our operating model. Above all, this will be crucial to create the best experience for our colleagues and our customers.”


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