MECI COIN (MECI) integrates with FY Entertainment to expand business network in Southeast Asian market

On October 20, P2E blockchain gaming platform MECI COIN (MECI) signed a business agreement with FY Entertainment for joint marketing and business cooperation. The main intention of this new deal is to introduce the “Metaverse” technology with FY Entertainment’s presence in the Southeast Asian market.

MECI relies on a Metaverse-based P2E gaming system that allows users to earn profits through various games on a virtual space platform. Also, the platform is developing rapidly in the areas of blockchain and metaverse. With high-quality features, users can create Metaverse through MECI’s mainnet to enjoy various blockchain-based online social RNG games.

Also, with the new business agreement, FY Entertainment will seize the opportunity to work together and build a global network of MECI in various ways. The media company plans to provide a wide range of service infrastructures to help users break down barriers to the virtual world.

The commercial agreement will enable both MECI and FY Entertainment to launch blockchain technology as a “K-Culture” event in the Southeast Asian market. This can further draw attention to strengthening Korea’s industrial technology.

Regarding the new collaboration, a MECI official remarked:

“Through this business agreement, we expect to create synergies by collaborating in NFT and games businesses by building a bridgehead to enter the Southeast Asian market starting with Vietnam and FY Entertainment business network such as Vietnam-based influencer management and use B2B trade. ”

FYI Entertainment is a global media partner focused on expanding K-culture in the Southeast Asian market, starting with Vietnam. The media company has carried out various activities to promote and spread Korean content and culture to more people working in industries such as film, music, events, KOL and KOC.

About MECI

Meta Game City (MECI) is a virtual gaming platform and ecosystem that enables users to create, own, and monetize their own gaming experiences in the Metaverse. The platform integrates with BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and uses both MECI tokens and game tokens as utility tokens.

MECI offers a user-generated content ecosystem with a metaverse society. This feature expands users to create their own assets, content, and experiences and share them with a larger community within the metaverse. With this concept, MECI aims to create and nurture a community of creators, not just consumers.



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