Medtronic Kanghui Changzhou Science and Technology Park is located in Changzhou National High-Tech District

CHANGZHOU, China, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fortune 500 company Medtronic recently signed an agreement to build Medtronic Kanghui Changzhou Science and Technology Park in Changzhou National High-Tech District. The park will house an intelligent manufacturing center, a research and development excellence center, an innovation incubation center and a clinical customer center to further enhance the company’s medical device research and development and clinical capability building. The result will be the creation of a medical technology innovation center in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Gu Yushao, Global Senior Vice President and President of Greater China at Medtronic, thanked the Government of Jiangsu Province for their interest and support in the development of the company. He said the province is an important base for Medtronic’s growth Chinaand the strong partnership with the city Changzhou has over the years given the company confidence to continue and increase its investments. Medtronic will work with Jiangsu provincial u Changzhou’s City government aiming to expand the frontiers of science, jointly develop and strengthen the region’s high-end medical technology industry, and further contribute to economic growth Jiangsu alongside improving public health and welfare.

At the signing ceremony, Chen Jinhu, secretary of the city’s Party Committee, said that as part of the city’s “532” development strategy Changzhou has set out to become an international smart manufacturing city and the main hub of the Yangtze River Delta. The signing is strong evidence of Medtronic’s recognition Changzhou’s progress and confidence in the city’s business environment while demonstrating Medtronic’s strategic vision for the Chinese market. According to the uniform commitment of the state party executive and the state government, the city Changzhou will coordinate pandemic prevention and control, as well as economic and social development, while working to create a world-class, market-oriented, law-compliant business environment with the goal of eliminating any red tape that might stand in the way of any company opening an office or want to open a production facility and work there. Changzhou’s The city administration has also agreed to make every effort to ensure that the park’s facilities run smoothly, both during the construction phase and after the start of production.

SOURCE Changzhou National Hi-Tech District


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