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The company behind Bratz, LOL Surprise! and Little Tikes is expanding.

MGA Entertainment Inc. (MGA) opens the doors to MGA Studios, an independent subsidiary with more than $500 million in cash and assets. The move follows the company’s history, which dates back to Micro Games of America changing its name to MGA Entertainment more than 35 years ago.

“While continued innovation in the toy category remains a key driver of our business, we recognize that the world is changing and are fully committed to carrying our winning legacy into this new and evolving digital landscape,” says MGA -Founder and CEO Isaac Larian. “In addition to expanding our vast catalog of television, film and streaming content, through MGA Studios we aim to create smaller and safer mini-universes in which our children can grow and thrive in a seamless digital and physical entertainment ecosystem. “

The launch of MGA Studios comes with the news that MGA has acquired Australia’s Pixel Zoo Animation. Over the past few years, MGA and Pixel Zoo have collaborated on multiple products for brands such as Little Tikes, LOL Surprise!, Rainbow High, and Mermaze Mermaidz. your latest project, LOL surprise! Winter Fashion ShowShe is now streaming on Netflix.

“MGA Entertainment has consistently demonstrated our ability to create multiple blockbuster brands from the ground up. The purpose of MGA Studios will be to facilitate the expansion of these brands beyond toys and transform them into true transmedia franchises encompassing entertainment, games and online experiences,” said Jason Larian, President of MGA Studios. “We are committed to bringing new partners on board to achieve our vision, and the acquisition of Pixel Zoo is the first step of many in this journey.”

Pixel Zoo founder and CEO Paul Gillett will continue in his role, supporting the development of new projects for MGA Studios.

“Over the past few years, we have been very impressed with MGA’s brands, how they work with their suppliers, and their creative and executive capabilities,” says Gillett. “Intellectual property (IP) development has always been an important part of our studio and this opportunity allows our team to show the world what we can do. Working with MGA has been one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had, so partnering with them is the next natural step for us. I’m excited that our studio will be the first fundamental building block of MGA Studios.”

MGA Studios will independently develop content for MGA’s existing and future intellectual properties and plans to grow rapidly through acquisitions and partnerships.


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