Micah Parsons and Sauce Gardner Highlight Cowherd’s Midseason NFL Awards

We’re halfway through the 2022 NFL season, which means those striving for some custom hardware have their arguments firmly established.

On Tuesday’s The Herd, host Colin Cowherd presented his midseason NFL honors. Here’s what he came up with:

Offensive Rookie of the Year: RB Kenneth Walker, Seattle Seahawks

Mid-Season Stats: 570 rushing yards, seven rushing touchdowns, 5.1 yards per carry

Colin’s thoughts: “You know he leads every player in the NFL with six touchdowns in the fourth quarter? For a rookie, exhausted, exhausted – no chance. The Michigan State star has been a big part of the resurgence. Two rookie tackles. Kenneth Walker, he’s fun to watch.”

Jalen Hurts, Sauce Gardner and Micah Parsons Highlight Colin’s Midseason NFL Awards

Jalen Hurts, Sauce Gardner and Micah Parsons Highlight Colin's Midseason NFL Awards

Colin Cowherd reveals his NFL Midseason Awards on The Herd.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: CB Sauce Gardner, New York Jets

Mid-Season Stats: Two interceptions, 13 passes defended, 44 combined tackles

Colin’s thoughts: “Thirteen passes defended, leads the NFL. It’s the second-highest corner in the league. By the way, this division, I’ve got Stefon Diggs, I’ve got these Miami guys. It’s not like he’s being asked to sit down and watch the run game. He takes on stars in this league. He’s really fun. The minute he came into the league, in his first week as a Jets fan, you were like, ‘Oh, we found an all-time great player in one position. ‘ He’s so good.”

Offensive Player of the Year: WR Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill Stats: 76 receptions, 1,104 yards, three touchdowns

Colin’s thoughts: “Most got yards in nine games in the Super Bowl era. And by the way, he just joined the team. New quarterback, new coach. The schedule wasn’t easy. He’s not just leading the NFL [receiving] 1,000+ yards – he leads by almost 250 yards. So nobody is personally close to his impact at the moment.”

Defensive Player of the Year: LB Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys

Mid-Season Stats: Eight sacks, two forced fumbles, 36 combined tackles

Colin’s thoughts: “Four games [with] several sacks. Eight sacks, 20 pressures. Even under the best of pass rush protectors, for his size, he overwhelms guys who weigh 50, 60 pounds more than him. He’s your classic game wrecker. You can place him indoors, outdoors, lightning, coverage. From day one in this league, like Sauce Gardner, an absolute difference maker.”

NFL Coach of the Year: Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks record: 6-3, first in NFC West

Colin’s thoughts: “They only brought back 11 out of 22 starters. This is a brand new team with one quarterback considered busted. It’s also a tough division. Geno Smith’s completion percentage is over 73%, by far the best in the league.”

NFL MVP: QB Jalen hurts, Philly Eagles

Mid-Season Stats: 2,042 passing yards, 326 rushing yards, 12 passing touchdowns, six rushing touchdowns, two interceptions, 107.8 quarterback rating, 68.2% completion rate

Colin’s thoughts: “I think even more than Josh Allen, I think he is [Hurts] the soul of the team. Josh Allen is the most valuable player on this team [Buffalo Bills]. I think this team is overlooked and I think he embodies that. Nick Sirianni is overlooked. Jalen Hurts is being overlooked and I think players are feeding on that. In Buffalo, they rely on Josh Allen. In Philly, they feed on Jalen Hurts and that’s real value to me.”

NFL Comeback Players: QB Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks

Mid-Season Stats: 2,199 passing yards, 196 rushing yards, 15 passing touchdowns, four interceptions, 107.2 quarterback rating, 73.1% completion rate

Colin’s thoughts: “He’s always been big and can move. But if people called you broke and you were a backup, now you have to really focus to be the guy. I’ve seen him play that a few times a year when you’re like, “He’s going back to Geno,” and then he flips it over on the next drive. That’s real composure. He wouldn’t have done that six years ago he’s really grown as a person. It’s pretty cool to watch.”

Prediction for most regular season wins: Philly Eagles

Prediction for the fewest wins in the regular season: Houston, Texas

Prediction for the California team finishing with the best record: San Francisco 49ers

Prediction for the Florida team ending with the best record: Miami Dolphins

Prediction for the “New York” team ending with the best record: New York Giants

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