Microsoft Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator is launched to provide technology and funding to support nonprofits with disabilities around the world

As someone born with a complex mobility disability, I have personally experienced the profound impact of services provided by non-profit organizations throughout my life. Through support from community organizations, my single mother paid for gas to travel between my hospital appointments from our rural hometown and a wheelchair when Medicaid refused. To give back, I started working as a local ambassador for a nonprofit organization to raise awareness and funds for further research, access to devices, and support for people like me who live with neuromuscular disabilities.

My early experiences volunteering alongside organizations allowed me to find my own voice to share my disability journey and laid the foundation for my later career in accessibility. I am honored to lead the Access Technology Program at Microsoft in a role that leverages my passion for technology to advance programs for disability organizations worldwide.

Today we launch Microsoft’s Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator (NTA) program. The Accessibility NTA is a program that provides disability-focused nonprofit organizations with access to enterprise technology and grants to best serve the disability community. In the 2023 funding round, we will continue our pilot program in partnership with a small subset of non-profit disability organizations for strategic projects that will need to be completed by the end of the year disability division.

The NTA for Accessibility focuses on efforts that support people with disabilities to work, learn and live in an equal way. Our new nonprofit resource hub connects organizations to essential technical resources, software discounts, training materials, tools and programs to support their mission.

If you are part of a disability nonprofit, please join our Microsoft webinar on accessibility for nonprofits Tuesday December 6thth. In this introductory session you will learn:

  • Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator 2023 grant program providing select organizations with technology grants and dedicated professionals to support your mission.
  • Access to Microsoft Philanthropies grants and rebates for our nonprofit cloud products, including Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 for all registered 501 c3 organizations.
  • The Microsoft accessibility team will share our commitment to nonprofit partners with disabilities and our work on AI for accessibility and innovation.

Register for the Microsoft Accessibility for Nonprofit webinar today!


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