Missouri Secretary of State Awards 27 Technology Ministries to Missouri Libraries

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft recently announced that his office awarded 27 Technology Mini-Fellowships totaling $325,370 to several Missouri libraries.

The grants provide funds to public libraries to help them fund technology and automation equipment, other hardware, and software to improve network infrastructure. Funds can also be used to purchase new equipment to improve library services.

“Missouri’s libraries serve as important resource centers for their communities,” Ashcroft said. “These grants provide libraries with the technology they need to expand their services and better serve the needs of their customers.”

Grants are administered through an application process and are awarded based on reasonable need and the library’s ability to effectively oversee the funds needed to bring the project to fruition.

“Technology Ministries give Missouri libraries the opportunity to upgrade existing technology or use technology to try new, innovative projects,” said State Librarian Robin Westphal. “Grants like this have been a mainstay of the Missouri State Library for years, and we are pleased to announce this year’s recipients of these competitive grants.”

As of January 1, 2022, Ashcroft’s office — through the Missouri State Library — has awarded 163 grants totaling $2,036,269.88. Below is the full list of recipients of this year’s scholarships:

library project name Forgive
Barry Lawrence Regional Library Replacement of public and employee printers 2022-2023 $10,635.00
Barton County Library 2022 Barton County Library Equipment Upgrade and Replacement Project $4,272.00
Bowling Green Public Library BGPL computer modernization project $11,931.00
Brentwood Public Library Upgrading and updating Brentwood Library public and staff computers $9,100.00
Camden County Library Mini tech update $13,671.00
Cameron Public Library Computer and internet access update 2022 $12,277.00
Doniphan-Ripley County Library Tech Mini Scholarship 2023 $5,852.00
Heartland Regional Library Read. To learn. Experience. $16,815.00
Joplin Public Library Supporting technology education in early literacy $5,890.00
Public library basement Replace outdated public computers for improved user services $2,554.00
Kirkwood Public Library Computer replacement for early literacy and RFID wand $15,099.00
Livingston County Library Technology restart 2023 $17,235.00
Subdistrict #1 of the Marion County Library Community Tech Improvement $7,535.00
Marshall Public Library community connection $11,360.00
City of Montgomery Public Library Continued momentum at MCPL $12,477.00
Public library with mountain views Mountain View Public Library computer upgrade $7,456.00
Nevada Public Library Essential Server and Hardware Update 2022 $8,554.00
Oregon County Library Technology upgrade for the Oregon County Library District $20,000.00
Polk County Library AWE learning stations for SMART Kids $12,800.00
Richmond Heights Memorial Library Updated Richmond Heights library access services $19,992.00
Springfield-Greene County Library Maker Space extension $13,484.00
St. Charles City County Library Office upgrade for public computers and server upgrades $16,281.00
St. Joseph Public Library Community History Preservation Project $7,687.00
St Louis County Library Virtual reality training for craftsmen $20,000.00
Trails Regional Library Trails LSTA Mini Grant Computer Exchange Phase 2 $19,990.00
University town public library PC replacement and RFID circ antennas $19,724.00
word district library Media services for patrons $2,789.00
In total $325,370.00

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