Monday Morning News – November 7, 2022

For WORLD Radio, I’m Kent Covington.

US election » It’s election night, and Republicans are confident. Florida Senator Rick Scott says a red wave is coming.

SCOTT: This election is about the Biden agenda. People don’t like high inflation, high crime, open borders, fentanyl. That’s what we’re talking about.

Democratic New York Congressman Patrick Maloney says Democrats support access to abortion and the right to vote.

MALONEY: Because our candidates have real plans, they’re going to do better on Tuesday night than people think.

election (senate) » And on the road to Election Day, control of the Senate is on the razor’s edge. No race comes closer than the contest in Pennsylvania, where Republican Mehmet Oz attempts a late swing to Capitol Hill.

OZ: I believe in the American Dream because I embody it. My father grew up on clay soil, immigrated here…

Oz has blasted Democratic opponent John Fetterman for supporting sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants. Fetterman, meanwhile, told his supporters…

FETTERMAN: And Oz, of course, stands by Mastriaono, and everyone wants to ban all abortion here in the state of Pennsylvania.

An average of recent polls has tied this race. However, the three most recent polls give Oz a 2 to 3 point lead.

Election (Governors) » Numerous governor’s races have also become tighter in recent weeks, including one in New York. Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul told supporters:

HOCHUL: If Democrats go to the polls in New York State, we win. It’s so simple, that’s all we have to do. You vote, we win!

But their Republican challenger, Lee Zeldin, predicted an upset victory. He said New Yorkers are tired of rising crime.

ZELDIN: I mean, the number of homicides in Rochester this year has already set a record.

A recent poll showed a tie, but the average of recent polls still shows Governor Hochul by a 6-point lead.

Biden criticizes oil companies » Last month, President Biden campaigned for the Democrats by dropping gas prices. But with pump prices rising again, he lashed out at oil companies over the weekend, saying they were making record profits.

BIDEN: They should have used that money — which they are supposed to do — to lower gas prices at the pump for the American people.

Republicans blame Biden’s energy policies.

AAA has the national average at $3.80 per gallon. That’s 4 cents more than a week ago.

Korean miners » Two South Korean men are recovering in a hospital after being trapped in a collapsed zinc mine shaft for nine days.

The miners, aged 62 and 56, were taken to safety over the weekend. They lived on instant coffee powder and water falling from the ceiling.

The doctor treating the miners said both men suffered from hypothermia and muscle aches, but they were in fair condition and should be released soon.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame » The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted a new class of artists over the weekend, including some most people wouldn’t consider “rock ‘n’ roll.”

SOUND (Jolene): Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene….

It was a diverse field. Dolly Parton was included alongside Eminem, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon and several others.

Those who did not attend the ceremony included Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor, who is battling prostate cancer, and 95-year-old Harry Belafonte.

lunar eclipse » You have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch it, but if you miss it you’ll have to wait another three years.

A total lunar eclipse will be visible across North America tomorrow morning from 5:16 am to 6:41 am Eastern time. Known as the Blood Moon, it will appear a reddish orange in the light of Earth’s sunsets and sunrises.

Such a solar eclipse will not happen again until 2025.

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