NBA Style Rankings: Jazz Players Find Their Place, KAT Wears the BMW, and More

As we progress with the NBA-style rankings, you’ll notice a few new faces this week, as well as a few returnees. Leather jackets and shirts could be the sign that we are moving from autumn to winter because we are seeing it more and more often lately.

Another week of competition sees a new #1 and even highlights some Halloween fun. If you’re a Utah Jazz fan, you might want to pay attention. Let’s look at the following rankings:

It’s only right that I have at least one Halloween costume for this issue. Vanderbilt and Horton-Tucker dressed up as “Craig” and “Smokey” from the classic film “Friday” in their first seasons with the Utah Jazz, starring Ice Cube (Craig) and Chris Tucker (Smokey).

This was a creative costume that also let me know that her taste in movies stretches back at least to her birth.

9. Brandon Boston Jr., LA Clippers

The jersey of second-year Clippers guard Brandon Boston packs a punch. The Bape and Garfield collab shirt isn’t something you see every day, and when I see a collaboration with a brand like Bape, I’m probably interested.

Because the shirt is so impressive, all it took was a pair of distressed jeans and a pair of shoes. I prefer this approach of a fit with flared shoes or pants that might take away from the shirt. Simplicity is key here for the native Georgian.

Last week was great for Tyler Herro. Not just him Hit a game-winning 3-pointer to defeat the Sacramento Kings, but he also made his debut in the NBA Style Rankings.

Based on what I’ve seen before of Herro’s interest in high fashion, this was probably a last minute adjustment for him. And if that’s true, it only adds to how crisp this casual pregame fit is: Givenchy’s white camo jacket with white cargo pants and white shoes (third photo), and a white Goyard backpack for good measure. He’s ready for an NBA game, but he could also be the freshest person on your next ski slope.

The Timberwolves All-Star has been a pleasant surprise this season with his pre-game seizures. I caught a few looks from him as he pulls out the BMW gear, but that’s by far the best I’ve seen.

This looks like the front of a red BMW E30 M3 that was manufactured between roughly 1986 and 1991. The cargo pants and Jordan 1 pull the sweater together nicely, and the chains and sunglasses are the perfect accent pieces. Minnesota is only 5-5 in their first 10 games, but Towns has been on point with his pregame seizures this season.

Back-to-back performances here for Simmons, who’s had a great run with his fashion sense. The suede shirt with multiple shades of brown makes the pockets on the front stand out as the different colors on each side highlight different things.

One of the most subtle parts of this fit is the tan Swoosh and sole of Simmons’ white Air Force 1s, which match the hat he’s wearing. Simmons had to sit out that game due to injury, but he still showed up so well.

Bazley makes his debut in this ranking, rocking possibly the most unique pair of pants I’ve ever reviewed.

It was clear Bazley knew his pants should be the most noticeable part of his fit. The black jacket and black beret combo adds an extra layer which makes it feel a bit worldly. And even though the shoes are white, they’re still Louis Vuitton sneakers. The black Ferrari and the Range Rover make for a top-class backdrop.

The second-year Rockets Guard makes his ranked debut this season, but you might want to familiarize yourself with him. He was one of the stories of the 2021 NBA draft with his suit. Not much has changed for Green since draft night; He clearly still comes to games with the same confidence he showed back then.

There are several things to like about your Louis Vuitton leather jacket. First, the recognizable ‘LV’ logo appears to be almost engraved into the leather, so you’ll feel it when you touch the jacket. Next, the pockets incorporated into the front of the jacket are not only visually appealing but also functional. Not many accessories are necessary for this fit, but the chains and black nail polish were just enough.

Kuzma is known for being one of the more stylish players in the league – for better or worse, depending on your sense of style. In general, I think his fits are pretty good or bad, but I can appreciate this look for a few reasons.

The first is the leather shirt. At first glance, it almost looks like a jacket, but it’s actually a button-down leather shirt. The rose gold watch and futuristic hues make great accessories. And the hat is something I’ve never seen before: if you look closely, there’s a pocket over the brim. If I had to bet on someone from this ranking wearing something I’ve never seen before, my money would have been put on Kuz.

Rolling out the Goyard luggage is an added flex.

The Jazz may be the league’s surprise with a 7-3 record so far, but what Alexander-Walker is doing with his pre-game seizures is far from a shock. Louis Vuitton’s purple letterman jacket was more than enough to take center stage in the fit, but it could be argued that every part of Alexander-Walker’s look takes center stage. I usually only appreciate one focus, but I had to make an exception here.

The Newcastle Brown Ale Nike Dunks match the orange “L” on the letterman perfectly, and he found pants with accents of purple, orange, and yellow, all of which are colors throughout the fit. The gold ring on his index finger is the only piece of jewelry, but it makes him stand out.

Clarkson, someone I’m surprised to have taken so long to make this list, stole the show this week. The orange vest paired perfectly with the low Syracuse Nike Dunks. Note the tan bags which to me make the orange stand out even more.

I hope you can appreciate Baggy Pants as much as I do. Clarkson definitely contributed to his place in this ranking. The long-sleeved white t-shirt adds to the look; I can’t imagine a short sleeve shirt looking so smooth with the vest.

Finally, I can’t forget the black nails. I respect the level of confidence it takes to paint your nails.

(Photo by Jordan Clarkson: Chris Gardner / Getty Images)


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