NBC News pulls out a report claiming Paul Pelosi did not report an “emergency” to police

NBC News pulled out a report on Friday alleging that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband failed to admit he was in danger when police showed up at his home just before the hammer attack on him.

The now-deleted clip says Paul Pelosi, 82, answered the door for police officers who were responding to an 911 call at the San Francisco home, but the officers were “apparently unaware they had been called to the House Speaker’s home.” .

Pelosi “did not declare an emergency” or attempt to leave, instead walking several feet back into the foyer towards armed assailant David DePape, who broke into the home last Friday and was carrying a hammer, sources told NBC.

The report, which cited sources familiar with the matter, said it was not clear what the state of mind of Pelosi was or if he had already been injured.

Friday’s NBC report was removed with the explanation: “The article should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”

The report contradicted court documents filed in DePape’s case, which said Pelosi “nervously but calmly” greeted officers in a dimly lit foyer where both men were standing.

A picture of a van brings Paul Pelosi home.

Paul Pelosi was brought home from hospital after being attacked and badly beaten.

An image of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi preparing to leave her home in San Francisco.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was preparing to leave her home in San Francisco.

An officer asked what was going on and DePape replied “all right” before a flashlight revealed he was holding a hammer in one hand and Pelosi’s arm in the other. The report in the NBC report did not say if DePape was holding Pelosi’s arm when police arrived.

A picture of Paul Pelosi.
Paul Pelosi greeted arriving police officers “nervously” but calmly on the night he was attacked by a hammer-wielding maniac.

“Mr. Pelosi had his hand on the top of the handle near the hammer itself,” the court documents said.

An officer shouted at DePape to drop the hammer, and the maniac replied, “Um, no,” before freeing the hammer from Pelosi’s grip, stepping back and lunging at the older man, putting full force on his head to beat court records.

A picture of David DePape.
David DePape reportedly told prosecutors he was on a “suicide mission” and planned to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage and break her kneecaps if she lied to him.

Only then did police officers storm into the house and attack DePape, according to the allegations.

Pelosi was knocked unconscious and was unresponsive for three minutes, waking up in “a pool of his own blood,” the documents say. He suffered a fractured skull and was discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

San Francisco police outside Pelosi's home.

San Francisco police outside Pelosi’s home.

San Francisco police outside Pelosi's home.

One picture showed Pelosi’s damaged home after the attack.

San Francisco police outside Pelosi's home.

San Francisco police cordoned off a street during their investigation into the attack on Paul Pelosi.

The court documents also outline how Pelosi – who was awakened after 2am by the intruder – tried to keep the attacker calm and even assured him that no police would come. He made a 911 call, which he did not appear to be attempting to distress DePape, the story goes. A dispatcher sent police officers on a top-priority health check.

DePape entered the home through a back door and searched for the Speaker of the House, who was in Washington, DC. He was on a “suicide mission” and planned to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage and break her kneecaps if she were to lie to him, he later told prosecutors.

The attacker faces federal and state charges in the alleged assault.


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