Nevada City Business Fee Waiver Program Approved

To better serve the business community, Nevada City has announced the launch of a business development and sustainability fee waiver program.

The program aims to help businesses manage the impact of COVID-19 and try to maintain and expand their offerings by providing businesses with up to $2000 in city fee waivers.

“We, like everyone else, are coming out of COVID. Some did great, others went out of business,” said Nevada City Manager Sean Grayson of the local trading climate.

The program allows applicant companies to specify a combination of fees they would like to waive, up to $2,000.

“We hope it allows some businesses to open up and be legitimate, hope some stay open and those that are doing well can expand,” Grayson said.

There are fees like the $137 business license or the fees associated with conditional use permits.

The fee waiver can even apply to repainting or remodeling an existing business or developing a park for outdoor dining, among other things.

Nevada City reviewed their strategic plan and in the process decided to find ways to support local businesses. One way the City Council has decided to do this is to introduce a permanent alfresco dining ordinance.

Applications for the Business Development and Sustainability Fee Waiver Program can be used for:

Business Permit or Home Use Permit, Conditional Use Permit, Minor Architectural Review, Non-residential Architectural Review, Signage Review, Parklets or Street Food Encroachment Permission, Parking Fee Instead, Seaman’s Lodge Rental Fee for Business Use, Special Event Fees for Corporate Event Generate.

City officials believe businesses can use the fee waivers to: Develop an al fresco dining park

Install a new sign on a business, open a new business, obtain a conditional permit for outdoor dining on an existing business’s private property, paint or remodel an existing business, expand an existing business, or implement a restaurant on the sidewalk outdoors.

Applicants must either be a reputable business with a current Nevada City business license or obtain an initial Nevada City business license through the fee waiver program. Other fees, taxes, overdue fees, or fees already paid are not eligible for fee waivers under this program.

To begin an application, email your interest to [email protected] and put “fee waiver” in the subject line.

Businesses may also call 530-265-2496 x119 or visit City Hall at 317 W. Broad Street for more information.


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