New disruptive financial technology from the startup nation Offers a new perspective on digital wallets, loyalty programs and multichannel services: The CREDOPLUS

The first digital wallet of its kind, embodying simple but flawless interactions, aims to unite the worlds of consumerism, finance and loyalty programs

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Customer loyalty programs are proving to be an essential way to increase customer engagement. However, they are not necessarily easy to set up and are usually limited in their functions. Businesses need to be able to create a customer loyalty program in a simple and fast way. But not just any loyalty program. One that allows them to stay in constant touch with customers, track their buying patterns and deliver perfectly personalized recommendations and rewards.

Ideally, businesses should be able to go beyond that and offer customers an advanced digital wallet that offers a comprehensive system for all types of payments. With flexible options for crypto-Currency, debit card, credit card, top-up cards, wire transfers and more CREDOPLUS All-In-One makes it easy to get personalized and attractive loan offers from multiple providers, options to open unique savings plans, get insurance coverage, and more – all with the same simple, low-cost e-wallet.

CREDOPLUS makes it possible to have one e-wallet for all existing financial services, including credit, insurance, loyalty programs, payment transactions, updates and purchases. This central hub fully integrates all of your financial services, including loyalty programs, loans between friends, raising targeted donations for charity, special purpose marketplaces and much more.

CREDOPLUS is the digital wallet with all imaginable services and more in one integrated place.

This innovative digital wallet was developed by Credics (, an Israeli fintech company with extensive experience in custom financial software. CREDOPLUS makes it effortless for organizations or business chains of any size to create a loyalty program that is ready from day one and includes all built-in features. Everything from design to appearance is polished and ready to go, enriching the customer experience with perfectly personalized offers and the most advanced digital wallet.

“CREDOPLUS All-In-One Digital Wallet is built on decades of experience developing advanced technologies that help businesses create new revenue streams,” said Haim Zemah, CEO of Credics Technologies. “Any company in any industry can now create unique, personally tailored membership clubs that offer unlimited consumer benefits alongside a progressive and broad range of financial services.”

A personalized and comprehensive financial center for all customer needs can do a lot to make any financial activity more rewarding and increase brand loyalty. CREDOPLUS All-In-One offers a phenomenally simple yet sophisticated solution for any business, including hotel chains, gas stations, airlines or municipalities, to process transactions, offer recommendations and rewards and share updates.

According to a research report[1]It is estimated that the global mobile wallet market will grow by 22.2% (CAGR) over the next decade, surpassing a rating of $16.2 Trn by 2031. CREDOPLUS is primed to be a disruptive force in this market.

About Credics
Credics was founded in 1999 by payment card and financial software industry veterans to develop flexible, perfectly tailored solutions for a wide range of companies in all sectors of the economy. The company’s solutions are modular, which allows the company to quickly create custom software for each individual client and extend it to offer new services.

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