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AIPIA member Identiv and TrueGreen, a cannabis technology company specializing in the digitization of packaging, have announced the deployment of the world’s first intelligent tamper seal using RFID technology, which will work together with the Software-as-a-Service platform ( TrueGreen’s SaaS is designed to enable digital transformation in the cannabis industry, giving products a unique digital identity, they claim.

The companies have collaborated to develop three new multipurpose smart tamper seal designs to be launched in 2022. The companies have spent more than a year developing and testing the products to ensure the originality seal works on all packaging styles across the industry, regardless of material or size.

Each tag contains embedded RFID technology that works with the SaaS platform to track inventory at the SKU level throughout the cannabis supply chain. The labels are applied to the packaging as a seal of authenticity when the products are placed in their final container.

The TrueGreen system can then be used to automate reconciliation of vault inventory with compliance systems and also automate order fulfillment and other manual processes, including data entry, as products move through a building and to dispensaries, according to the announcement .

The seals also allow for test results and product information to be embedded in the label, so the information is delivered directly to consumers in stores and at home. TrueGreen’s solution can be integrated directly into an operator’s existing processes and systems; Customers don’t have to change their existing technical systems or standard operating procedures, or download new software or applications.

“Inventory management in the cannabis industry can be incredibly complicated because each U.S. state has different packaging regulations, different standards for compliance, and supply chain issues are endlessly frustrating and changing every day,” said Katherine Lagow, President of TrueGreen. “So it was an exciting process to work with Identiv on an agnostic solution for an intelligent originality seal that we could use in this industry.

“Our goal was to give each and every physical package a unique digital identity through a certified tamper-evident seal, guaranteeing authenticity and efficiency, and we succeeded,” added Lagow. “As a bonus, the embedded technology connects brands and consumers directly, opening up a world of post-POS opportunities for customer engagement and streamlined marketing efforts in a very marketing-challenging space.”

TrueGreen’s Smart ID platform, in conjunction with the bespoke RFID tamper seal designs, manages the digital identification of each pack of cannabis. It integrates with all leading seed-to-sale systems and other existing business intelligence systems, simplifying deployment.

“Our partnership with TrueGreen is transforming the operational aspect of the cannabis marketplace from product packaging to post-sale engagement,” said Amir Khoshniyati, VP and GM Transponders, Identiv.

“We have continuously built capacities to meet the exponential demand between the various Multi-State Operators (MSO) both in pharmacies and in wholesale. As a first step, we will ship millions of units over the next few months to support TrueGreen’s far-reaching vision to transform the cannabis industry.”

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