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city ​​office

Veterans Day is Friday November 11th and there is usually a ceremony at Veterans Park in Stockton Springs. The city office will be closed on Thursday, November 24th for Thanksgiving. Dog driving licenses for 2023 are available at the municipal office. Snowmobile registration for the 2022-23 season is now possible at the municipal office. Be sure to change the batteries in your smoke alarms now for the year.

Maine Recycles Week takes place from November 14th to 18th. Thank you to the Town Recycling and Energy Conservation Committee for their work on the city’s recycling efforts.

community builder

Thank you to the Community Builders for all the work they have done to make Halloween special for the kids in our town. Bingo night takes place on Tuesday, November 15th from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in the basement of City Hall. This is free and there will be prizes.

Thank you to the women of the group who organized a dinner to support the families who burned out of their homes in the Main Street building.


Be sure to check out the Art in the Stacks art exhibition of Anne Spencer’s work, which runs through Thursday 22nd December. Anne has been active in supporting the library, so please stop by. Thank you to the library for hosting the children’s Halloween parade!

Coastal Mountains Land Trust

The Mt. Tuck Trail is now open and can be accessed by traveling 0.06 miles off Route 1 on Meadow Road to a parking lot on the right. The trail is 1.8 miles long and gradually climbs to a 565-foot summit and scenic overlook. This trail is a great addition to Stockton Springs overlooking the Penobscot River.

Historical Society

The association’s Facebook page is very active with memories of people who grew up in schools and church schools in the city. There is so much history in this city and it is great to read these stories.

Now that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving will be here shortly and then the holidays are upon us. There are so many activities to take part in around the holidays with craft markets, concerts and family gatherings. Where I grew up, there was a big high school football game on Thanksgiving morning. My mother cooked the turkey at home, sometimes my grandmother helped out. There’s a lot of preparation for Thanksgiving with cooking pies — pumpkin, apple, and pecan — and all of the additional side dishes that traditionally accompany Thanksgiving.

Every family has a different tradition with a special dish that tells them Thanksgiving. Green bean casserole with mushroom soup is an absolute favorite. Some people have birds other than turkey like a goose for Thanksgiving. I loved the stuffed turkey sandwiches that followed Thanksgiving dinner.

I recently saw a trick where leftover mashed potatoes were placed in a freezer bag, squeezing out all the air and freezing. Then thaw in the fridge before eating and return to the stove with more butter to reheat. I think you could do this with some vegetables that are served at Thanksgiving as well.

There are also charities and churches that provide dinner for people who need the food. I think we all have memories of our childhoods with family and friends feeling cozy and comfortable.

thoughts for the week

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, sip the beverage, taste the fruit and surrender to the earth’s influence.” —Henry David Thoreau.

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