News: NATO Military Committee highlights importance of land and sea readiness, Oct 20, 2022

From 20-21 October 22, the NATO Military Committee was in Türkiye to visit Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Türkiye, Multinational Joint Warfare Center and Maritime Security Center of Excellence.

After the official welcome by LANDCOM commander General Williams, the military representatives and those invited to NATO were informed about the current situation on land and the impact of the decisions made at the Madrid summit. “We are strengthening our forward defenses, increasing the operational readiness of our forces and enhancing our ability to reinforce and transform the NATO Response Force. LANDCOM is implementing many of the decisions made to ensure NATO remains ready to deter and defend our entire territory,” said Admiral Bauer, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

En route to Istanbul, the NATO Military Committee visited the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Türkiye (NRDC-T), whose mission is to train and prepare at a high level of readiness for short-term deployment under NATO command to combined command and joint military operations. The military representatives of NATO and the invitees also toured the Turkish Multinational Center for Joint Warfare, which plans and conducts national and multinational exercises and war games at strategic and operational levels.

“Throughout our visit, we were able to observe firsthand how Türkiye contributes to NATO readiness, not only by hosting NATO units such as LANDCOM and NRDC-T, but also by facilitating opportunities for armed forces to train and become better to become. Thanks to the commitment and contributions of our allies, we are stronger together,” stressed the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

The program ended with briefings at the Maritime Security Center of Excellence (MARSEC COE). “NATO allies contribute expertise, forces and capabilities to counter, deter and deter threats, including in the maritime realm. Together we protect the freedom of navigation, secure maritime trade routes and protect communications at sea. Maritime security is crucial for NATO as a transatlantic alliance spanning the Arctic waters, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, Admiral Bauer stressed. The MARSEC COE is a center for academic research as well as a multinational center providing practical training in the field of maritime security to NATO and partner nations.


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